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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations March 17.08


Happy St Patrick's Day to anyone who celebrates it!!

I really hate when this show does these giant explosions, because they’re so totally not realistic, even for a soap. With the exception of Carly, everyone walked out on their own steam. I’m not saying main characters have to die, I don’t expect that, since their main characters, but someone can be brought to the hospital unconscious, can’t they? Even Claudia, who has to have eleventy billion pounds of crap removed off of her, seems just as spry with nary a scratch on her.

Micheal comes out with a bruise on his head, that somehow turns into a giant bleeding laceration by the time he gets to the hospital. Trevor ends up with a little bandaid on his wrist. Marianna’s got a little boo boo on her face. Johnny, Ric, and Sonny all look fine, even though Sonny seems to be clutching his stomach a little, which probably has more to do with age than anything else. Whatever.

I liked the interaction between Alexis and Jax. Alexis telling him if she allows him to go in the building and something happens to him that Carly will wank at her forever. And then Jax’ line about going in to find his wife, just like he’d go in to find Alexis. Too sweet. Jax also gets the line of the day:

Jax to Alexis: “Sonny never gets hurt or killed, just the people around him do.”

So true, even though, technically, this explosion wasn’t Sonny’s fault.

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Robin/Micheal: Strange scene, because I’m sure that conversation would have come up before now, that she took care of him with Jason when he was first born. Having it now was more for her to have her breakthrough about Patrick. However, she had the stupid line of the day:

Robin to Micheal (about Carly and Jason lying about his paternity): “They weren’t trying to hurt anyone.”

Well, I’m guessing AJ, Lila, Edward, Monica and Allan would beg to differ on that.

Is anyone else pissed that Lulu ran down there to check up on Carly (her cousin), faster than she’s done anything regarding Nikolas (her brother). I know it was a plot point to have her fly into Johnny’s arms, but still. “My brother’s having brain surgery….whatever….what, my cousin might have been in an explosion, watch me run”

I love Ric to death, but why exactly is he moving Randy’s body? If anything, the explosion is the best cover up. Authorities will have no idea who he is and figure he was just some guy hanging out in an abandoned building. So what’s the point?