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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations Mar 18.08


Ok, Ric in rescue mode is seriously HAWT!! Ripping off his shirt and jumping in the water, and then pulling Carly out with those arms. Yowza. And, I really hope someone tells Miss Thang when she comes to, who it was that saved her life, because the irony there, is a beautiful thing.

Another beautiful thing, Johnny. My love for the boy grew as he was beating the crap out of Sonny. I mean, I’m not a violent person, but that was a sight for sore eyes. Follow that up with Jax’ verbal smackdown of Sonny later on, and I was happy camper today.

The idiot of the day goes to Sonny, who was way off base in blaming the Z’s for Micheal’s mess but he follows that up with blaming the Zs for setting off the bomb. Here’s a crazy thought Sonny, maybe all the Zs were watching Oprah instead of messing with you. Maybe you’re not as important to them as you want to be.

The hypocrite of the day goes to…, it’s actually not Sonny (!!), but Jerry. Jerry and Alexis having a little conversation about Ric and Jerry throws this gem out there…

Jerry to Alexis: “How can you be so fascinated by someone who treats you like dirt?”

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Oh, you mean, unlike you and your treatment of her daughter and her nephew? I know Ric is no saint and I would have accepted that question had it come from someone else (like Jax, Harper or Mac), but from Jerry?? I don’t think so, writers.

Scrubs: Now here’s the Patrick and Robin that I love. Can we have more of that please. Let’s hope their little heart to heart means the beginning of a patching up and not an aberration in the normal squabbling between them.

Memo to Lulu: Shut up already.

Do these writers think they’re clever making Claudia so much like Carly #1? SBr’s Carly has hate sex with Sonny. Claudia has hate sex with Sonny. SBr’s Carly has anonymous pool playing with Jason. Claudia has anonymous pool playing with Jason. SBr’s Carly is a biatch to Robin and ignorant about HIV. And now Claudia is a biatch to Robin and ignorant about HIV. It’s totally silly, because I got the vibe from Claudia early on that she was way more sophisticated, having spent years in Europe, so that scene with Robin was completely unnecessary. Except for the fact that it helped the Scrubs situation.