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General Hospital Scoops & Spoilers 03.18.08

Once again I apologize for the lack of GH Spoilers.  It's been a crazy week for me.  Programming Note: I am taking a little vacation next week.  I will try to post when I can.

Here's the Scoop... and we have a lot to catch up on. 

Let's start with my favorite Liason!  Are they moving in together?  Early RUMORS said yes now we're hearing, maybe.  Confusing I know but remember Bob is back in the driver's seat and making his changes on a couple he's championed for years now.  There are rumblings that he wanted the reveal and Lucky's reaction to it to unfold a little differently then it did.  What about the wedding RUMORS?  As of now, still RUMORS.


How about the hit and run?  Is Sam still on her path of revenge?  RUMORS say no, she may just shock everyone and tell Lucky she knows it may be Elizabeth who hit her and she's willing to let it go.  BUT WAIT!  Is Sam really turning a new leaf or is this just another con?  In the end it should turn out to be Monica as we all first expected and spoiled.  Monica may be turning to Jason and admitting the truth.   As a one-time Sam fan, I hope she's done with her games.

Carly and the baby... by now you all know she loses baby Jacks.  I know we had it wrong but if you remember I did say it seemed a little far fetched that she "dies" but the baby survives.  This starts some CarJax fighting and we all know its all about Sonny.  RUMORS say Jax overhears Carly tell Michael they will cover-up the shooting and he's furious.  Jax doesn't want his child to be raised that way and he wants the boys away from Sonny.  CarJax learn that the baby has died and Sonny wants more time with his boys.  Will it be Carly and Jax vs. Sonny OR Carly and Sonny vs. Jax?  What about Mini-Mobster?  Well he'll feel responsible for the baby's death.  Don't Forget.... Carly has some issues with Jason and Sonny not telling her about Michael and the gun. Jason explains his actions to his BFF but will those explanations be enough for Carly?

Does Michael get punished at all?  RUMORS have him attending counseling but Jax doesn't think that is enough.

Remember we mentioned Maxie working for Kate?  Well there are RUMORS that its Lulu that goes to work for the fashionista.  Why?  Carly wants her cousin to spy on her hubby and his new confidante.  I'm still seeing that Kate is impressed with Maxie and Carly's schemes usually end badly so one would assume that when Lulu is out, Maxie is in.  This may turn into a competition for Lulu and Maxie, think Face of Deception.


Lulu and her men???  We told you she goes back to Logan mostly out of guilt but she and Johnny call it quits.  There will be angst... what would GH be without the angst?   Spixie?  While Spinelli may have feelings for the Wounded Blonde One, they should only be friends when all is said and done. 

Alexis is RUMORED to see Nikolas with Dr. Devlin and wonder just what the heck is up with this guy.  

Sonny tells Kate it was Michael who shot her!  

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Monica's storyline!  Well it looks like she'll be getting a little more time devoted to her I'm a drunk storyline.  Is there another car accident?  That's the RUMOR and this time, Monica passes out in her car.  Remember too, we told you there should be some Monica / Jason time coming.  She'll tell Jason she hit Sam.  When all is said and done, Monica should wind up in rehab and there are some scenes between Mother and Son.  They have alot of repairs to be done to their relationship but she will confide in him and he does tell her about Jake.  Monica's part in the hit and run is exposed and Sam does not press charges.  There is a hearing though and both Sam and Nikolas make statements.  Monica is RUMORED to get probation and community service.  Edward is said to take her to rehab.

What's GH without a little blackmail?  Between Father and Son?  RUMORS say Trevor blackmails Ric into getting what he wants and of course Trevor uses Marianna in his blackmail scheme.  To protect his new lady love, Ric gives in.  What's the blackmail?  The murder weapon that killed Randy.

How about a little SIN? aka Sam and Ian...  He's growing on me, sort of.  Ian shows more and more interest in Ms. McCall much to Lucky's dismay.  He'll also be making a few threats towards Alexis to get under Jerry's skin.  Above I mentioned Alexis' seeing Nik with Ian, she'll be suspicious of the new Doc's interest in her family.  

Dr. Scorpio, babysitter?  RUMORS have Robin babysitting Elizabeth's kids.  It looks like Liz needs an assist when she forgets something in her locker and Robin watches the boys when she goes to get it. 


Is Sonny's mistake forcing him into a truce?  Maybe.  He made a bad choice by grabbing Johnny and now a truce with the Zacchara's may be Sonny's only option.  How about a little ZaCrazy?  We're hearing his foot is not the only thing moving....he is.  Anthony goes missing from the hospital.  Did Claudia spring daddy or is he on the run all on his own? 

I dropped a Robin / Claudia squabble a couple weeks ago.  Claudia makes some comments regarding Robin's HIV status.  Johnny apologizes for his sister. 


Maxie the Model?  Maybe... 

Elizabeth shoots someone?  That's a new RUMOR.  IF this happens its Liz in protective mode. 

Spinelli's dad is revealed.  I know, I've said this for months now and nothing has happened but its still a RUMOR that is out there.  Spin will be spending more time on Stan's murder. 

Ian has family!  Remember I mentioned they are looking to tie Ian to the canvas?  What better way then to give him a mom that lives in Port Chuck.