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General Hospital Scoops & Spoilers 03.19.08

There's not a lot to Scoop on this morning....Here's the Scoop!

Alexis knows about Trevor and Marianna's deal!  She'll confront Marianna who tells Alexis that she truly has fallen in love with Ric.  Alexis decides that Ric's new found happiness is all Marianna' s doing and she has no intention of ruining that.  Remember though, as we scooped yesterday, it looks like Marianna won't have to convince Ric to sign onver the piers to Trevor.  Trevor blackmails his son into doing it by holding Rany's murder weapon over Marianna's head.  Will Ric go to Sonny to take Daddy down?  Remember, Sonny owes him!


Alexis tells Jerry to back off!  Now that Ric has signed over the piers to Trevor, Alexis tells Jerry there is no reason for him to kiss up to her to get to Ric.  RUMORS have Jerry telling Alexis his kind of happy he failed.  Will Ian be happy that Jerry failed?  

Dr. Lee said no signs of a miscarriage yesterday.... Carly will have abdominal pains and learn that the baby has died. 

We mentioned changes, especially to Claudia, now that Guza's back.  One of the main changes.... Claudia knew exactly who Sonny was when she slept with him at the hotel.  

Jax and Kate are still set to be partners in the new magazine.  It looks like Kate was hoping for more of a silent partner but through their friendship Kate and Jax become a team.  Maxie will be Kate's new assistant and as I mentioned yesterday, Carly wants Lulu to be her spy at the magazine. 

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There are still RUMORS about Sonny wanting out of the mob...  is this the set up for Jason's new role?  RUMORS say Jason returns with a new outlook on his life and how Elizabeth and the boys fit into it.  

RUMOR that Claudia may show an interest in Nikolas.  What about our girl Nadine?  We're also hearing that Claudia and Ian meet up.  Is it her meeting with Ian that has Claudia looking in Nikolas' direction?  

Scrubs!  They are going on a date and I'm seeing some cute scenes coming up for the Fan Favorites. 

Liason!  A reunion hug and maybe a kiss?  When Jason returns the couple meets up.  Some have them seeing eachother at GH.  Other RUMORS have a reunion at Sonnybucks.  Like I mentioned yesterday, Guza's changes include a tweaking of Jason and Elizabeth.  Jake's paternity reveal to ALL should be sped up. 

A little personal commentary....  Did anyone love the Jarly scenes the past two days?  At first I was a tad confused.  Carly's idea of heaven is beer and pool at Jake's with Jason?  But apparently Laura Wright's Soap Net commercial is right, Jason is Carly's soul mate.  I have to admit, I loved these scenes.  Usually "heavenly" scenes and dream sequences annoy me but I really enjoyed these and in no way am I a Jarly fan.  I really enjoyed Steve Burton and seeing him playing Jason in a playful, lighter role.  The little smirks he gave and the flirting between the two, my roomie and I were just loving it.  I know there are a lot of fans who didn't care for these scenes... it's a defintely a topic of discussion in the Forums but I just loved them.  


OH and I can't forget to mention Ric.  Lately, I haven't been feeling his storyline with Marianna.  Yesterday I loved Ric Lansing and found myself not minding the Ric and Marianna scenes.  There were RUMORS that Marianna dies, now there are some saying that she leaves town. 

Don't forget... Join Us in the Forums!  There's lots of Spoiler discussion going on in the Scoops and Spoilers thread.  Who could Ian's momma be?  AND is Sam really a Cassadine?