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Young and Restless: Michelle Stafford Talks To Nelson Branco


Michelle Stafford recently did an interview with TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco in which she revealed some more of Lynn Marie Latham's impact on the Young & Restless. We're posted an excerpt below from the interview but you'll want to be sure to check it out in its entirety.


TVG: You gotta show “The Stafford” the cash! It wasn’t too long ago you played the dual role of Phyllis and Sheila for one salary! What about Phyllis’s fashion sense? It’s been “evolving” over the past year, non?

MS: Her fashion sense is rather tame now. When Lynn came in she didn’t want the cleave, especially in the workplace. And I agreed with her. There was a lot of stuff she didn’t like, and I’m not trying to pin this on her, but she wanted a different look for the soap, so our wardrobe person pulled back on everyone. It was a bummer because fashion is a huge component in my character’s life. So when Phyllis wears jeans and T-shirts, I try to make it work.

Oh and did we mention there is a great bit about Michelle Stafford's Phyllis and Victoria Rowell's Dru?

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