Days: Ava Kidnaps Hope/Shocking Rumor Ties Vixen To The Alamains

Ava kidnaps Hope!

It looks like Bo won’t have his Fancy Face to keep vigil by his bedside next week as loopy Ava kidnaps Hope outside of University Hospital. Steve’s unstable ex has been mistaking Hope for Hope’s sister-in-law Kayla for weeks and finally seized the opportunity to knock “Kayla” out via chloroform before spiriting her off to parts unknown.

Once Hope comes to she plays along, thinking that as a cop she’s trained to deal with maniacal mob princesses, unlike her preggers pal Kayla. Hope even calls Steve and pretends to be his wife. A panicked Steve races to save the wife of his Merchant Marine bud from madwoman Ava. It looks like Days is finally about to get its money worth out of the fiery Tamara Braun (Ava).

Ava’s pop connected to the Alamain crime family?


An interesting internet rumor making the rounds has Ava’s father being a one-time business associate of the dastardly 90’s Days villain Lawrence Alamain. Bo and Steve were investigating Lawrence’s corrupt Jencon Oil company when Steve was critically injured in an explosion meant for Bo.

According to the rumor, Lawrence faked Steve’s death and ordered Ava’s father to kill him (yeah…that makes sense), but Ava’s pop decided to turn the one-eyed amnesiac into a hired gun for his criminal exploits. Much to his chagrin, his then teenage daughter Ava took a shining to Steve (must have been that eye patch, get’s ‘em every time!), which led to Bad Daddy pawning poor Steve off on yet another Days uber villain, you guessed it, Stefano.

If this rumor proves true, I will gladly bow down and kiss Dena Higley’s ring. I got so tired of James Reilly re-writing all of the histories of


other great villains to make Stefano the ultimate puppeteer. Long time fans know that it was Orpheus,


Stefano who caused Marlena’s plane to crash; it was Lawrence,


Stefano who caused Steve’s “death” and it was Ernesto Toscano, again


Stefano who held Hope over a pit of acid following the Cruise of Deception! Making all roads lead to Stefano made the once interesting villain cartoonish and eyeroll-inducing. I mean what were they gonna blame on the guy next,  Maury Povich?

Shelle sets sail


In other


news, have your hankies ready as Shawn and Belle (Brandon Beemer and Martha Madison) leave town on the Fancy Face (the boat, not the mother) with cutie pie Claire in tow. It looks like history is repeating itself as Bo and Hope also set sail with their little Sailor Man Shawn D. circa 20-years ago to see the world. As much as I have griped about these two particular recasts over the last few years, Brandon and Martha have really grown on me in recent months and dagnamit, I actually hate to see them go!. Who knew all it would take was a plane crash, a cute kid and an Irish wake for me to get over Kirsten and Jason?