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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations Mar 19.08


I think I want to get hit in the head with a wrench and be in a coma for a couple of weeks, because Logan looks awfully good for someone who’s been through that. Sitting up in bed, talking up a storm, having solid food. He almost looks better than he did before he got smacked. Now, as for Lulu, color me surprised when she admitted that she has feelings for Johnny as well as for Logan. Wasn’t expecting that level of maturity from her. Logan, however, needs to cut his losses and find someone who’ll be interested in only him.

Not sure I understand Claudia’s logic in going to Carly, Sonny’s ex wife, and basically threatening her with a mob war. I know she’s trying to help Johnny, but I just think that wasn’t the way to go.

Liz/Sam: Oy, I don’t know what to think about these two. Sam’s going to claim that she saw Liz, when in fact she didn’t. Liz gets all defensive and starts snarking back. This will not end well, nor will it look good for either character.

Jax/Carly: Loved, loved, LOVED Jax’ reaction when he found out what Micheal had done. The maternal part of me understands why Carly would want to hide the truth and sweep it all under the rug. But the dislike for Carly part of me is annoyed that she would want it to all go away. Even if she thinks she’s trying to protect Micheal, she can’t really believe that he’ll just forget what he did and not need a little help in dealing with it. He’s a twelve year old who shot his father’s girlfriend. That’s bound to mess with your head a little and not dealing with it head on will not help.

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Jax was dead on in what he was saying, that Micheal needs to learn the consequences of his actions, that even though he’s grown up the way he has, that he can’t expect to walk away from something like this, just as his father and his uncle walk away from their criminal acts.

Lines of the day:

Jax to Carly: “You’re child wants to be a mob boss. That doesn’t concern you?”

Jax to Carly: “I’m not blaming Micheal. I’m blaming his parents.”

I just hope Jax doesn’t blame himself for Carly’s miscarriage and take back all the good stuff he said today out of guilt.