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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops 03.20.08

Don't Forget I'm on vacation next week and to all that celebrate..............


Here's the Scoop!

Another round of Claudia vs. Robin?  Looks like were in for another re-do and this time Johnny is apologizing for his sister's ignorant attitude.  Speaking of Dr. Scorpio, is she re-thinking her decision to be a single mom?  I told you Robin and Patrick are heading out on a date soon and the agreement is that they just enjoy one baby talk allowed.  Patrick may be hit with the coming to his senses stick too.  He wants to be a daddy. Is it Carly's miscarriage that has him realizing what he has?


Who does Claudia want dead?  Besides Sonny that is.  RUMORS have Claudia and Ian meeting up and she wants him to kill someone.  Whatever plan Claudia has, its RUMORED to backfire on her and Ian's plan is moving forward.  Ian is another one of Guza's changes.  He's moving Dr. Devlin's story along, quickly.  

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Claudia is everywhere and even mixing it up with Luke Spencer.  She knows alot about Sonny Corinthos including his old pals and she's looking for dirt.  A little flirting never fooled Luke Spencer though.  He'll have some advice for Ms. Zacchara.  Tracey finds Super Sex Barbie in full on flirt mode with her hubby and she is not having it.  Is there a truce on the horizon for Monica and Tracey?  Monica allows Tracey to move back in and RUMORS have Tracey helping her sister -in- law. 

Carly and Sonny fans.... you're getting some scenes.  About  the miscarriage and Sonny's mishandling of Michael. 

JaSam're getting some scenes too.  RUMORS say Jason sees Monica at GH where she is laid up after her accident.  Are they warm and fuzzy mother-son scenes?  Not sure.  He wants Monica to get help or he's turning her in according to the RUMORS.  Monica tells him she wants to turn herself in.  Monica and Jason should be on their way to mending their relationship. The JaSam scenes?  Well RUMORS go on to say that Jason tells Sam it wasn't Elizabeth who hit him and Sam is not too happy with that news.  At first Sam thinks Jason is lying to protect Elizabeth but soon realizes he's telling the truth.  

What about Jason telling Monica about Jake?  Those RUMORS have been out there for awhile now.  He wants to and even thinks it could help Monica with her recovery.  Elizabeth isn't so sure though.  The whole point of this secret was to ensure Jake's safety and now too many people know.  Both Jason and Elizabeth are doing some heavy thinking about sharing their life together.  Like we've told you, there are changes coming for Liason and sacrafices are going to be made.  RUMORS say Jason is popping the question and Elizabeth's answer is yes! A wedding is set to be planned but will something happen that delays the big day? 


LuSam?  Sam tells Lucky that it was Monica that hit her, not Elizabeth.  Over dinner, Lucky tells Sam he thinks they can get past everything and get back on track.  He's called away and RUMORS have Liz showing up at Sam's.  Will Elizabeth tell Sam to walk away and let Lucky have a chance to be happy?  That's the RUMOR. 

Carly & Kate?  They'll be in each other's storyline.  We already told you about Maxie and Lulu and Face of Deception re-do, sort of.  Carly is not happy with Kate and Jax's close friendship or business arrangement and CarJax's marital problems are not helping.  Sonny is trying to work his way back to Kate and warns her that Claudia is very bad news.  Johnny, Logan and Spinelli should all be a part of this storyline as these three are never far away from their respective Blonde Ones. Look for Jax to hire Lulu as his assistant and Maxie as Kate's.

A murder in PC?  There are a few murdeous RUMORS over at GH.  One is Claudia putting a hit out on Sonny.  Then there's her meeting with Ian we scooped above.  Other RUMORS have Claudia wanting Jason to eliminate Trevor, Jerry refusing to murder someone and a death happening.  There are RUMORSthat a male character is dying.  Some say its a contract role.  OLD RUMORS have had Trevor taking a dirt nap.  Trevor does succeed in getting the piers from Ric so that should defintely make him a target and Ian is not too happy that he didn't wind up with the Alcazar property.  Don't forget, Ian is supposed to be making threats towards Alexis and even when he loses the piers, Ian realizes that Alexis the DA is still useful to him.


Do Ian and Sam share a father?  Bad boys finding love in PC?  RUMORS surrounding the death of a male character... online rumblings have this character being around for 10 years and the actor playing him for 5.  (Please remember these are just RUMORS) Something has been RUMORED to happen to Jason that has him making his career change.  His injury, even after surgery, makes it almost impossible to do his job.  He's been RUMORED to move into more of a Boss role than Enforcer.  What happens that finally has Superman realizing he lost his cape?