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HBO opts not to go down "Bad Road" with Days stud Shawn Christian and Lily Tomlin


It looks like newly-returned soap stud Shawn Christian may have bet on the wrong horse. The former ATWT actor (he originated the role of Mike Kasnoff) reportedly decided against reprising his popular role on the New York-based P&G sudser and instead joined Days of Our Lives as newcomer Dr. Daniel Jonas because he had booked a role on the upcoming HBO dramedy 12 Miles of Bad Road, which like Days was filming in Los Angeles.

Published reports confirmed today HBO has dropped the highly-anticipated project, even though it had ordered a full season's worth of episodes before the Writers' Strike, six of which have already been filmed. According to sources, HBO felt 12 Miles, from Designing Women creator Linda Bloodworth-Thomason and starring legendary comedienne Lily Tomlin as the matriarch of a rich, dysfunctional family in Dallas, Texas wasn't a "good fit" for the network.

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Rich, neurotic people, the hilarious Lily Tomlin, soap stud eye candy, set in Dallas, from the woman who gave us Suzanne Sugarbaker??? Yeah that sounds like a stinker to me. Here's hoping rumors the show might go to Lifetime or another cabler are true.