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Which daytime stars should The CW cast on its 90210 update?


An in depth breakdown for the pilot episode of the much talked about CW spin-off of Beverly Hills, 90210 has been making the rounds and it sounds almost as good as Shanice's "Saving Forever For You" from Beverly Hills, 90210: The Soundtrack. Don't laugh. You know you bought.

According to reports the new show, like it's mothership, will revolve around a transplanted family of Midwesterners who descend on Beverly-Hills that is-complete with a mom, a dad and a pair of 16-year-olds oozing more sex appeal and angst than, you know, zits.

This time the core siblings won't be twins, in fact they won't even be biological siblings. Annie, a sensitive theater geek will have an adopted brother Dixon, a troubled bad boy the family took in at 10 years old.

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Upon arriving in the land of botox and overcrowded beaches, they will meet:

Daphne Silver, a You Tube-loving party girl who lives in a rocking pad with her mysterious older brother Max (these two may or may not be related to David Silver from 90210 1.0 and they may or may not have offed their own parents).

Navid, a teen journalist of Middle Eastern descent who will be a Luke to Dixon's Brandon, or Andrea to Dixon's Brandon..well, he could be a Steve  to Dixon's Brandon??? Anyway, he'll be Dixon's best friend! Geesh!

Rounding out the cast will be  "it" couple Ethanand Naomi, who will lure sweet  Annie into a torrid frienemies triangle  ala Brenda/Dylan/Kelly.

My question is will Rob Thomas keep with Aaron Spelling's grand tradition of hiring daytime stars for his primetime soaps? Ian Ziering, Luke Perry, Gabrielle Carteris and later Daniel Cosgrove and Vanessa Marcil all had contract roles on the original 90210 during some point in the show's run and all graduated from daytime. Which daytimers would you like to see pull up a chair at the Peach Pit this time around?