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Days Of Our Lives: Greatest Love Affair


There was always a moment in time on Days of Our Lives that triggered what I call the "shiverbone effect". This is a spine tingling feeling, an overwhelming sense of "wow that was good". On Days for me, there were many of these moments, but this video in particular was a sensation. I remember back in 1993/1994, or 1990 for the US (thanks to the four year time lag back then) that I was able to sit back and watch good 'ol fashion storytelling come to life in the form of a classic flashback. A montage effect at the end of the show always roped me in, no matter whether it was a disaster, a romantic interlude or just plain pure classic flashbacks all mashed up into one priceless scene. In this video, it's a mixture of romance and tragedy. Alice Horton triggers this chain of classic memories whilst being trapped in one of Lawrence Alamain's mansions that has collapsed on many Salemites. Over this time, all the trapped take the time to reflect on the years gone by, this also commemorating the 25th Anniversary of Days of Our Lives. I know that Days have celebrating their 40th anniversary since this one, which makes this video even more memorable that I know most of the diehard fans will know entirely what this means to the history of the show. It's always good to know that a show remains true to their history and provide fans with the occassional "shiverbone effect" from time to time.

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