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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations March 20.08


I hate complaining about stuff that I’ve complained about before, but here goes.

The timeline on this show is so mind boggingly stupid that it’s ridiculous. Jason left possibly two days ago (PC time) and yet he’s back already. So, in two days he had time to go to Seattle, meet with the surgeons, have the surgery, completely heal from the surgery to the point where not only are there no scars, even on the finger that was almost completely severed, but there’s no need to have bandainds or anything covering the hands and he’s got a “should fully recover” diagnosis. ‘Mkay. Whatever.

Lulu: She’s so frustratingly annoying that I feel like my head will explode at her sheer nonsense. She’s all up in Johnny’s face about beating up poor old Sonny, despite the fact that not that long ago, she witnessed Sonny beat up Johnny on the piers, and she knows that Johnny’s been missing for a couple of days, but she just keeps harping at Johnny about his behaviour. Then when he doesn’t give her the answer that she wants, which is that she’s more important than his job, she dumps him. Way to stand by your man. And then runs to be by Logan’s side. UGH.

Kudos to Laura Wright. That last scene, where Kelly tells Carly the bad news and Carly just loses it, had me totally in Carly’s corner, and that’s a very rare occurrence. LW sold it.

Where the heck are Spixie and why haven’t they come forward to explain the pressing of the button that likely set off the detonators? They are so conspicuously absent in this story that it’s ridiculous. If the writers wanted to set up a possible mob war story, than they shouldn’t have shown us that Spixie knew about the bombs, that way keeping the fans in suspense as to who was behind it as well.

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I didn’t realize that I missed Diane until she showed up today. Love her flirting with Max. Love her friendship with Alexis. What I didn’t like is that she wants to cover up Micheal’s crime as well and that Sonny basically expected Kate to go along with it too.

Kate: I just don’t understand her anymore and what started out as a promising character for me, is just another dumb Sonny woman.

Whichever writer is writing Jax’ dialogue these days, deserves a giant kiss from me, because I’ve been loving him giving it to Sonny.

Funny line of the day:

Jax to Sonny: “At what point do you realize that your security is completely useless”

Line of the day:

Jax to Sonny: “You need to deal with the fact that you trashed your boy’s life”