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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations Mar 21.08


Why does Sonny bother paying Jason to work for him if he never actually listens to anything that Jason tells him? Jason told him for weeks that the Zs were not behind Micheal’s problems and now that Sonny knows the truth, does he apologize to his friend for doubting him and behaving like a douche? No. Then he’s all blood thirsty for Johnny’s head on a stick because Johnny had the nerve to be pissed about being locked up in a padded room with no food for a week. Johnny beat the crap out of his little old body as payback and Sonny should have accepted it as such and moved on. And that apology later on, with the truce just didn’t ring true to me, and I’m not sure why Claudia fell for it.

Johnny on the other hand, was getting a little more blood thirsty than I’d like him to be. It was one thing to beat the crap out of Sonny as payback for the kidnapping, but now, this need to kill makes me a little leery. He’s still hot though! But that weird chemistry between him and Claudia is just too weird.

CarJax: I’m sorry, I just wasn’t feeling Jax’ sadness in those scenes. Not sure what it was, maybe an acting choice on IR’s part, but I was feeling Carly much more. Maybe it’s as a woman to woman thing, I don’t know.

Loved the look on Patrick’s face when he found out and then his conversation with Liz about how he would feel if Robin lost their baby. I think my boy is finally growing up a little.

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I thought Emily disappeared after Nik’s failed surgery? She’s gotten so annoying that I’m beginning to think that the writers are doing it on purpose, so that when she finally does go towards the light, we’ll all be ready and celebrating. As for Nik and Devlin, I don’t understand why Nik is being that dumb. The whole story just isn’t working for me.

Loved that Lucky was smart enough to know what was wrong with Monica and confront her about the drinking. I just wish he would have done what he threatened and gone to Dr Ford because by not saying anything, he’s sort of allowing her behaviour to continue.

Oh look Spinelli’s back, but there’s zero mention of the bombs that went off. Clearly the writers have forgotten Spin’s involvement in that whole thing because it happened a whole week ago.

Lucky/Sam: I thought it was a sweet scene, but when she says she wants a truce between herself and Liz, I want it to be true and not something she’s saying to get into Lucky’s good graces.