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All My Children - They did it, They Finally Did It!


Huzzah! It finally happened. They finally did it. I am happy, satisfied. I knew they had the potential to do it, but never made it to the finish line. I know what you are thinking. You’re thinking what the hell is she talking about? Well, sit a spell folks, and I’ll tell ya.

After years of lackluster storylines, character failures, and disappointing reviews and ratings, it seems to me that the writers over at All My Children have finally written something correctly. I have been touting for months now that they have finally written a comeback story correctly, and I am glad that they can still do it months later. And finally, after years of waiting, they had and ending that is keeping me on the edge of my seat, waiting with impatience for Monday to come, so I can see how the shoot out ends, and who does indeed die. Although I already know who dies, I think it would have been more prudent to have an exiting character actually die, such as Sean Montgomery, charging in to save Colby, and getting shot, and dying, but no, this is not the case. I will tell you that it is not a major character that dies. Probably a good thing though, because we all know NOBODY actually dies in soap land.

That brings me to my next subject. Have you heard?? Cady McClain will be reprising the role of Dixie Cooney Martin. She will be appearing in supposed Angel form to reunite Tad and his long-lost daughter Kate. The question remaining to be answered is this: How long is she going to be back for? Is she really and “angel” or flesh and blood, dodging death from the satin slayer in much of the same way Babe did. Only to go back into hiding, to continue her search for her Daughter. However, I do remember dead Dixie seeing Tad and Kate together, and connecting the dots before she moved on to heaven.

Does anyone else find Tad and Adams bickering back and forth enjoyable? Even as Adam possible had a heart attack and then held Tad at gunpoint to start up the car, they did not stop their banter. We need more of the comedy stuff in our drama, a nice healthy balance would do wonders to keep everything in check.

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I wish I had more to report to you this week, but I do not. The other stories are just not keeping my attention. I do not care about Erica and her Cellmate. I do not care about Ritchie and his obsession with Babe and in all honesty, I cannot stand the Ryan storyline, so I am not going to waste brain cells to report it.

~AMC Girl