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General Hospital: Who is the love of Jason Morgan's life?


Last week we posed the question "Which woman is the great love of Sonny's life?" and received quite an amazing response. This week it's Port Charles' other oft-smitten goodfella Jason Morgan that we want to hear about. 

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Currently it's sweet nurse Elizabeth Webber who has hold of Jason's heart, much to the tremendous delight of Liason fans who have been hoping for this pairing for the better part of a decade. But for JaSam fans it is painful to watch Jason with Liz, who they see as a liar and manipulator who came between Jason and their girl Sam. 

Then there are those retro fans who long for the days of Jason's tulmultuous love affair with Sonny's kid sister Courtney or his starcrossed pairing with Robin Scorpio. And let's not forget the girl who deflowered him, the sensual Keesha Ward (Senait Ashenafi). So here it it, who in fact is the great love of Jason's life?