SHOCKING DAYS RUMOR POLL: Will Days bring Zack Brady back from the dead?


A RUMOR that would almost be too incredible to be true-were this not Days we're talking about-has hit the Net concerning the possible return from the dead of Bo and Hope's beloved tyke Zack Brady!

According to the RUMOR, in his continuing pursuit to dig up information on Stefano's business dealings, John will run across a picture of a small boy. Later on, he heads over to the Kiriakis mansion to warn Victor and Philip not to get in his way of taking over Salem. There John finds Marlena conducting a therapy session with Victor.

Doc and John's former father-in-law try to jog his memory by showing him pictures of Brady. John recognizes the ringbearer at Brady's wedding to Chloe as the boy in the picture-Zack Brady!

John will fill Marlena in on what he's discovered, but she will prevent him from telling Bo and Hope until they can be sure the child is Zack and the only way to do that, is to revive Stefano!

As a fan, I have mixed feelings about this scenario. While it would be wonderful to see Bo and Hope reunited with their son, Peter Reckell (Bo), Renee Jones (Lexie),  Rachel Melvin (Chelsea) and especially Kristian Alfonso (Hope) gave the performances of their career during the storyline involving Zack's accidental death due to his sister Chelsea's reckless driving, and its aftermath.

Not to mention the fact that Zack's dying niece Claire received his liver which saved her life. How exactly would they explain that one away? What do you think, would it be worth it to see Bo and Hope reunited with their son to re-write history this way?