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Top 5 Countdown "Classics" You Want Us To ReRecord

Hey all,

Since we launched the podcast over a year and a half ago we've recorded 42 different Top 5 Countdowns. You also have made a lot of great suggestions in the TV Fan Online Forums of new topics you want us to record.

However,  some of the Top 5 countdowns we've already published are topics that really should be updated at least once a year due to actors coming and going, couples being paired or broken up, and storylines evolving.

With this in mind we would love to know which 5 "classic" Top 5 countdown topics you want us to rerecord over the coming months to be interspersed with the new topics you've already suggested for us in the TV Fan Online Forums .

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I've included all 42 Top 5 Topics on the next page for easy reference.

Oh, and be sure to tune in later this week when we air the Top 5 Sexiest Couples countdown.


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