Wishful Casting: A Ted King and Tamara reunion on Days of Our Lives? Beemer steaming up Bold and the Beautiful?

What soap fan doesn't sit at home and play fantasy exec/writer? Lord knows I do, it's what gets me through plots about unaborted children, jerky camera movement and the lack of diamonds or cleavage in Genoa City. Tonight I feel like playing fantasy casting director and letting you know just exactly who, in my humble opinion, should play which roles on what soaps.


Ted King to Days as Lawrence Alamain

With all the talk about the notorious Alamain clan of Days of Our Lives coming up both on the show and here at Daytime Confidential, a thought popped into my mind about how awesome it would be for former GH baddie Ted King (ex-Alcazar) to reunite with his former leading lady Tamara Braun (ex-Carly, GH/Ava, Days) in Salem!

  King would be perfect as dastardly Alamain patriarch Lawrence. I loved Michael Sabatino, who originated the role, but he's been away from the soap for so many years and as the returns in recent years of Christie Clark, Austin Peck, Billy Warlock and many others have proven, having fan faves reprise their roles doesn't always lead to rating success for Days.

King and Braun were a hit with GH fans as Lorenzo and Carly. Those fans could decide to tune in to Days to see them reunited and raising hell. And while we're at it, why not throw in Ignacio Serrichio (ex-Diego, GH) as a recast for Lawrence's son Nicholas?

Beth Ehlers to All My Children as Hayley Santos

Okay I am about to walk on sacred ground here. I am going on record to say I think GL's Beth Ehlers (Harley) would make a perfect recast for Hayley on All My Children.  Kelly Ripa is one of the most recognizable All My Children alums of all time and her portrayal of Hayley Vaughan Chandler Cortlandt McIntyre Santos Santos will forever be remembered fondly by the show's fans; but let's be real, the chances of Kelly ever reprising the role for more than a one-day guest stint are about as good as fans getting to see Demi Moore mix it up with Tony Geary on GH.


Ripa is a major proponent of soaps, who proudly recalls her work in the genre (unlike some of her peers), but she's moved on to bigger things. That shouldn't mean Hayley can't retun to Pine Valley in the capable hands of another actress.

It wouldn't be the first time a wildly popular character originated by someone who went on to mainstream industry success was recast on AMC. Sarah Michelle Gellar anyone? Who would have ever thought the Emmy-winning minx who first gave us Erica's deliciously-bitter illegitimate daughter Kendall could ever be replaced? Well...she was, and quite successfuly by then-relative newcomer Alicia Minshew.

Ehlers might have an even easier time making the transition due to an already built in fan base from GL, not to mention the chance to finally give Gush fans what they have been screaming for by reuniting Ehlers with soon-to-be exiting GL leading man Ricky Paull Goldin (Gus, GL/Jake, AMC), even if it's on another network.


If a pairing between Ehlers and RPG isn't in the cards at AMC, they can always go another route. GL toyed with the idea of reuniting Loving supercouple Laura Wright and Paul Anthony Stewart (they had played Ally and Casey on that sudser) when both were on GL as Cassie and Danny respectively, but when a chemistry test failed they decided to keep Danny with Michelle. So if lightening doesn't strike for Ehlers and Goldin on AMC, they could always recast Hayley's husband Mateo. Is Antonio Sabato Jr. available? 

Brandon Beemer to Bold and the Beautiful as Thomas Forrester


You've read about this bit of wishful casting every where from our BFF Nelson Branco's column, to right here at DC, however I have been saying for weeks that Brandon Beemer (who last airs on Days as Shawn Douglas this week) would be a perfect edition to the lush, dysfunctional, sexually-charged playground of Brad Bell's Bold and the Beautiful.

I would love to see Beemer's Thomas return to L.A. as an equally-chiseled chip off Ridge's block, a cocky, hot shot designer who beds his way though Beverly Hills. How hot would a triangle between Beemer's Thomas,  good girl Katie Logan and her built-for-sin sister Donna be? Plus isn't it about time Brooke played mattress tag with another Forrester male?