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General Hospital: We the Fans Remember 45 Years


UPDATE: Keep spreading the word! We're up to 61 comments (will be updated daily)! We've passed our 60 comment goal! Keep them coming. Let's see how many we can get before General Hospital's 45 Anniversary!

In case you haven't read General Hospital has decided not to do any kind of on screen special celebrating its upcoming 45th Anniversary. Since they decided not to do anything special I thought maybe we here at Daytime Confidential could.

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Here is my idea. We've never had 60 comments on any post on Daytime Confidential before. Since there would be sixty minutes in the hour that General Hospital has decided not to air any type of special how about we try to get at least 60 comments on this post. This is a tribute post.

Post something good about General Hospital. Something special to you. Whether it be how you got hooked on the show or your favorite couple or villain post something that you enjoyed about the show.

Here's the things I love(d) about General Hospital

  • I got hooked on General Hospital during the Katherine Bell trial and Helena brought her back.
  • The Cassadines and Quartermaines are two of my favorite soap families.
  • Yes, I'll admit it, I was a fan of Nikolas and Gia
  • I love Nancy Lee Grahn and her character Alexis. I loved Rexis and I now love Alexis and Diane's dynamic
  • I really enjoyed the 25th Anniversary of Luke & Laura.
  • Anyone remember V? Loved her
  • Helena Cassadine is one of my all time favorite characters. General Hospital wouldn't be the same without her.
  • Jonathon Jackson & Rebecca Herbst's Lucky and Liz during the rape storyline was so touching.
  • General Hospital has a wonderfully talented cast, even if I don't think they are used the way they need to be.
  • Edward and Lila are/were gold
  • Maxie, love yah
  • General Hospital does sweeps like no one else, even if they are a bit "out there" sometime
  • Thank you Kate for making it possible to like Sonny again, even if it is occasionally

What are the things you like about General Hospital? Post them on this thread and help spread the word to your fellow General Hospital fans to come post. Who knows, maybe we can get enough people to post so that we have hundreds of memories and our own tribute in effect would be longer than General Hospital's might have been with an episode special!

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