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As The World Turns: Julie Pinson To Recur as Janet Ciccone NOT Molly Conlin!!!


Okay can we here at Daytime Confidential call 'em or WHAT? Hot on the heels of the announcement that Noelle Beck, one of our early picks for a Lily recast on As The World Turns, was in fact assuming the role, comes word a SECOND pick on our list, Days Of Our Lives alum Julie Pinson, is joining the Proctor and Gamble sudser as "Janet"! Thanks MarkDutchViewer for the tip!

Wishful Casting Update: Could "Janet" just be a smoke screen for Carly's cousin Molly Conlin? Daytime Confidential's BFF Nelson Branco reported a few weeks back in his column for TV Guide Canada The Suds Report, that Leslie Kay (ex-Molly, ATWT/Felicia, B&B/T&R) had been in talks to resume her old role, but ATWT decided not to bring her back. I think Pinson would make the PERFECT Molly and take some of the the pressure off Noelle Beck as the new Lily.

Soap Opera Weekly Online Update: SOW's Online site is reporting that Pinson's character Janet has a last name, "Ciccone" and that the part is recurring. Sigh. What is it with As The World Turns getting brilliant actresses (Robin Mattson anyone?) and wasting them in recurring roles? Pinson would be the perfect choice to recreate Molly Conlin! Oh well, maybe with the last name Ciccone she'll be related to Madonna instead of Carly?

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