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General Hospital: Call Me Crazy....



Monica: Well, Jason, can you blame me for drinking? You've taken everything away from me. You have put Sonny and that business above absolutely everything -- above A.J., above Alan -- who died waiting for you while you were doing Sonny's bidding -- and Emily -- Emily, who thought you were the sun and the moon and the stars and forgave you of every single thing. She died because Diego Alcazar wanted to get revenge on you because of what you did to his father. I don't have anything, Jason -- you've taken it. So you take -- take that surveillance tape, you do whatever you want to do with it, but just get out. Just get out.

I don't think Jason is totally to blame for all of Monica's woes. I get that she needs someone to blame but I don't think it is fair to lay it all at Jason's feet. It's not his fault Alan died. It's not even his fault that AJ died. (It is, however, AJ's fault that Jason is brain damaged.) And it really isn't his fault that Emily died. Jason would have to be psychic to foresee that the dead son (Diego) of his dead enemy (Lorenzo) would come back from the dead and become a serial killer. I know I know. If Sam didn't shoot Diego then Lorenzo wouldn't have sunk into an abyss of bat s**t craziness and Jason wouldn't have had to kill Lorenzo blah blah blah. Really anyone could have killed Lorenzo. Emily's death (IMO) wasn't a mob related fatality. It was the work of a back from the dead psycho. And Monica? Why are you trying to lay Alan's death at Jason's feet? Everyone that Jason loved was in the lobby of that hotel. Carly, Robin, Emily, Liz, Sam, Sonny and Alan. Jason would have wanted revenge and JamesJerry CraigJaxMoreau's blood even if Sonny hadn't ordered it!!! And just what did Emily have to forgive him for? I don't recall Jason ever doing anything to hurt Emily. Yeah, his lifestyle is a little unorthodox but even if my sister was a hit person I would still love her. It's what she does for a living NOT who she is.

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I really really wanted to get behind this "Monica is a Drunk" storyline but I just can't. I really can't. I know that I am the lone voice of unpopular opinion on this topic but this is how I feel.  I'm not even feeling Leslie's portrayal of Monica on a downward spiral. None of it is ringing true for me. Her diatribe on how Jason perpetuated the decimation of the Q's was really just the last straw to me. After yesterday's episode I have a feeling all of this is going to be fast forward material for me.