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Wishful Casting: Can Young and the Restless and Bold and the Beautiful Play Red Rover?


Okay, anyone who listens to the CBS/Days edition of the Daytime Confidential podcasts realizes what a HUGE fan I am of Heather Tom's work on Young and the Restless as the "real" Victoria Newman (Am I the only one who got a kick out of ABC's PR stunt?). Amelia Heinle is a reasonable actress and has a tragic, Jane Eyre-esque beauty about her, but she is miscast as Victoria Newman. 

Granted a lot of my gripes about Victoria during Heinle's time on the show have been storyline-based. I hated seeing the very daughter who was cut from Victor's aggressive, business first, cloth transform into a whimpering, wilting lily who gave long, boring soliliquies about the importance of art and run down buildings.

It was also painful to watch the 30-something Victoria gushing and gigling and pulling her hair behind her ears whenever JT showed up, like some 12-year-old texting LOL's on her cellphone. I get that Heinle and Helstrom were falling in love both in real and reel life, but my Victoria didn't gush and giggle! She looked down her snobby nose at any and everyone she felt was beneath her just like her former pole-twisting Mama Nikki did and she ran one hell of a cosmetics firm, much like her father! THAT's the Vicki fans want to see and...Bold and the Beautiful has her! Which brings me to my offer to Brad Bell, can Y&R trade you Heinle for Tom (complete with blonde hair thank you very much)?

Y&R fans applaud Bell for rescuing the shamefully discarded stars who have been unceremoniously booted or ran off from his late father's once unbeatable soap over the years, but now with Y&R in a regrowth period, it would be so nice to see Tom's Victoria home where she belongs. I admit I am beginning to enjoy her as snarky, bowling league fanatic Katie Logan on B&B, but let's face it, having this Emmy-winning actress serve as a comedic talk-to, babysitter and shrink  for her sisters, niece and their beaux is almost criminal. Tom's Victoria needs to be back in Genoa City telling Victor Jr. or Adam or whoever the heck he's calling himself this week just exactly how the cow at the cabbage! Meanwhile, couldn't Heinle work as Katie? Just a thought.

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If you'd like we'll even encourage Y&R to give you Christian Le Blanc and Tracey Bregman's Michael and Lauren (This fantasy exec stuff is SO much fun!) This talented pair has been wasted beyond belief as supporting characters in the I Love Gloria and Kevin Show. I am so sick of seeing the maddeningly brilliant LeBlanc basically playing Ricky Ricardo to Gloria's Lucy. 

In LA Michael could go to work for the delightfully dysfunctional Forrester clan as their consigliere. Can you picture Michael acting as a buffer between the horny, hateful Forresters and Logans? It would be like daytime's version of  Dirty, Sexy, Money

BUT... if we arrange for you to get Michael and Lauren Mr. Bell, you will  not only have to give Y&R back Tom, but also Eileen Davidson's Ashley Abbott.  Now, now, don't be that way! You're show already has one breathtaking, ageless, ethereal blonde in Katherine Kelly Lang, don't be a glutton.

Y&R just isn't the same without Ashley. Jack needs his conscience, especially since Sharon is now going along giddily with his schemes and Victor needs his beautiful "Ashley Abbott" by his side at the Ranch. Wouldn't that just drive Nikki back to drinking and popping pills?


I am sorry, but that new love interest they have for Victor, what's her name? Ramona, Desdemona? Whoever she is, she just ain't cutting it! We need Ashley back pronto, so that Victor and Ashley's love affair can finally be explored fully. Just think about it Mr. Bell. Have your people call my people. I'm sure we can work something out!