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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations Mar 26.08


Wow, talk about a whole bunch of cast integration today. Who knew these writers were capable!

Robin/Maxie: Oh my goodness, I loved, loved that these two finally got a scene or two about the pregnancy. Loved everything about it, from Maxie’s comments about knowing about pregnancy since she faked it. And then the comments about the smallness of the baby’s room, which I found hard to believe considering the size of the fireplace in the living room. And I loved that they both agreed that Georgie’s death ushered in the new life.

Funny line of the day:

Maxie to Robin: “You can’t put a baby in a closet”

Claudia/Luke: A little too icky weird for me since SBr was giving off her sex kitten vibe and I kept seeing Luke as “Carly’s” uncle and it made it icky.

Tracy/Monica: I love how matter of fact Monica was, taking ownership of her crap and laying it all out there and that Tracy was rather human about the whole thing. Hated Lulu’s interruption and her hypocritical “you hit Sam?”. Uh, coming from Wrench Girl, shut up already!!

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Monica/Nik: I also liked these two together and the fact that she accepted so easily that he can see and speak with Emily. Also liked the Nadine/Nik scene where she’s once again trying hard to get him to see reason.

Line of the day:

Nadine to Nik: “Why are you acting like you still have a future?”

Jax/Kate: Again more chemistry and liveliness between these two than with their respective partners.

Carly/Robin: Hated that scene. Of course no one told Robin and she sticks her foot in her mouth and makes Carly hate Robin even more than she did before, which the show doesn’t really need. However, it led to a very sweet Scrubs scene, so I guess I can’t complain too much.

Kate/Claudia/Maxie: Loving the fact that Maxie’s now working for Kate. Loved that Kate called Claudia out on whatever the heck that gosh darn awful outfit was. Claudia still hasn’t realized that she’s met her match and then some, with Ms. Howard.