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General Hospital: Who Is Robin Scorpio's One True Love?


Okay, so you've told us who you believe the greatest loves of both Sonny's and Jason's lives are on General Hospital. Now it's Dr. Robin Scorpio's turn!

The course of true love has never ran smoothly for Robin (Kimberly McCullough). The spunky doctor's first real relationship with Stone Cates (Michael Sutton) ended in the double tragedy of Stone's death and Robin's diagnosis with HIV.

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She managed to find someone to love her unconditionaly despite her illness when her girlhood crush Jason Quartermaine (Steve Burton) fell hard for her, after brain trauma left him with no memories of his past with girlfriend Keesha Ward (Senait Ashenafi).


By then going by the last name Morgan (his grandmother Lila's maiden name), Jason and Robin embarked on a starcrossed  path to true love. Unfortunately their happily-ever-after was derailed by Jason's needy, neurotic one-time friend-with-benefits Carly Roberts (Sarah Brown). Carly used Jason to lie to everyone in Port Charles, including Jason's brother AJ (Sean Kanan and later Billy Warlock), that her son Michael was actually Jason's. When Robin finally had enough and exposed Carly's lies, Jason was furious at what he percieved as Robin's betrayal.

Robin left town only to return a few years ago ironically to treat a brain malady Jason was suffering from. Eventually the two exes managed to make peace with the past and are now good friends who can confide in on another. However it's the arrogant-yet-dashing Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) that has Robin swooning these days. This constantly bickering couple seem to create obstacles to their own happiness, yet now they have a child on the way. It's obvious that Robin loves Patrick, but the question remains, is he the one true love of her life?

Who is Robin's one true love?