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Is Levin Rambin A Good Choice For The New "Sweet Valley High" Books?


There's some strange things a' brewing in the SoCal town of Sweet Valley! Random House, publishers of Francine Pascal's insanely popular Sweet Valley High series of books for young adult girls, are re-releasing the books with (gasp!) All My Children's budding celebutante Levin Rambin serving as the cover model. 

For those of you not familiar with Sweet Valley High (Luke, Mike) it was the soapy saga of identical twin California dreams Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefied. The books were on every young adult book shelf from the mid-80s well up until the late 90's.

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Conniving Jessica was an "it" girl at SVH who hung around with bitchy brunette heiress Lila Fowler and dated tons of guys, while sweet Elizabeth was the editor of the school newspaper and hung out with her nerdy galpal Enid and boyfriend Todd Wilkins. Okay as someone who read like every copy of these books, I am glad to see them resurrected for a new generation, but is self-promoting Levin the right choice for these-by today's standards-wholesome books?

Thanks to Qua for the tip!

Is Levin a good choice for Sweet Valley High books?