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Bold & Beautiful: Rivalry Ignites Possibilities


There may have been a lull, and it may even have looked like Taylor and Brooke might have mended fences, but looks can be deceiving. Once word was out that Jack was actually Brooke's child, Taylor went into a tailspin she has yet to recover from. The shocking news refired long dormant feelings of insecurity in Taylor that had her running for the nearest bottle of vodka. Our own Jay said it, "A drunk Taylor is a good Taylor". Now that Rick has fallen in love with Taylor, Brooke is seeing red, accusing her rival of seducing her son. Their rivalry dates back to 1994, when a presumed-dead Taylor returned to Los Angeles to find her husband Ridge had married Brooke. Once wasn't enough though. On a second trip back from the dead in 2005, Ridge once again guess it...Brooke.

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Ok, I'll admit it. The Bold and the Beautiful is my favorite soap at the moment. The Taylor-Brooke dynamic is one angle of something that runs much deeper, and opens the door for all kinds of possibilities. The obvious thing is that Brooke is showing shades of another of her enemies, Stephanie Forrester. Instead of spending her time planning her umteenth wedding to Ridge, she has taken on the task of disapproving of Rick's and Bridget's love lives. This will no doubt affect her relationship with Ridge even more. It works because Rick and Ridge aren't the best of friends either. This show has managed to take the same stories and reinvent them. If you think you have it all figured out, you may be wrong. Rick and Taylor's only impediment to romance looked to be Brooke, that is until Phoebe walked in and made a move on her former beau. Rick wasn't the only one surprised!

Although Taylor's frequent meltdowns and tirades about Brooke are a highlight for me,  B&B has other things going on. Katie, who encouraged niece Bridget to pursue Nick, is hanging around him a lot more and the two are slowly finding common ground. It's clear where their relationship is headed, but the ride promises to be great. Pam's constant tormenting of Donna is nothing short of hilarious. Jennifer Gareis (Donna) scores points with me for being a good sport. Pam hides her craziness from everyone but Donna, and that makes it all the more fun. B&B has gone from dull to delicious in short order. Too bad other soaps can't follow along!