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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations Mar 27.08


Carly/Jason: For the most part I liked it. Mostly because she said a lot of stuff that I’ve been saying for months and that is that he treats her like dirt under his shoe instead of the BFF that she thinks he is. On the other hand, her obsession with him and her need to be first in his life over the mother of his child is a little bit wacky. Having said that, I think he left her off the hook a little bit at the end, when she claimed she wouldn’t say another bad word about Liz. Overall, despite the fact that I’m not a fan of either character, I do give kudos to both actors because I was seriously invested in their scenes.

Carly: "You act like you only tolerate me"

Jason: "I stand by you and your choices, why can’t you stand by me?"

I love Snarky Jax. I liked that when he got home, he was disgusted with Jason being his house and when Jason apologized for not telling him about Michael and the guns, that Jax didn’t bow down to the great Jason, but really just dismissed him.

Sonny/Kate; Kate really should have run all those months ago, because if a guy I was dating called someone else that he slept with "a whore" I wouldn’t dismiss than shove my tongue down his throat. Talk about a dysfunctional relationship between these two.

Claudia/Spinelli: Loved it. Spinelli all flumoxed around the Vixenella and Claudia questioning the name. I also felt that SBr was truly laughing in those scenes and it looked like SBu was going to lose it at one point too.

I don’t understand why Jason is going along with the "kill Trevor for Claudia" thing. There must be other people she can hire to do the job. I just think she’s setting him up and he should be smart enough to see right through her.

Lulu, I care less and less about. Just an insipid girl at this point.

Ric/Marianna: I knew she’d be all blubbery and "it wasn’t like that" and "I did fall in love with you" blah, blah, blah. I hope she’s gone for good and good riddance to her. I am not happy that Ric showed up at Sonny’s door so quickly. Yes, Trevor’s a pig and needs to die, but trusting Sonny is a stupid move.