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All My Children: Wishful Casting-Davetta Sherwood as Angie's Daughter Cassie


All My Children is reportedly casting Cassie the daughter Angie (Debbie Morgan) and Jacob (Darnell Williams) adopted on the Loving spinoff The City. Who would be better to take on the role than Young and the Restless alum Davetta Sherwood (ex-Lily)?

During Sherwood's brief run replacing Christel Khalil as Lily on Y&R, Sherwood proved that original doesn't always mean "real". Sherwood's take on Lily was street smart, sassy and realistic. It was easy to believe she was the daughter of Victoria Rowell's Dru. Many fans-including this one-cried foul when Khalil decided she wanted her old role back-after having left of her own accord-and Y&R booted Sherwood.

Can't you just see Sherwood in scenes with soap legends Morgan and Williams? She would also be a great romantic interest for Dre Woods (Sterling Sulieman) and a potential rival for Pine Valley teen queen Colby Chandler (Ambyr Childers).  Then if they could only get Marcy Walker back as Colby's mom and Jesse and Angie's worst nightmare Liza Colby, I might start watching AMC more regularly again, that is unless I see someone eating pancakes.

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