Young and the Restless: So The Wicked Witch Wins Again


Well it's finally going to happen. The Abbott home, sacred to Young and the Restless fans for almost thre decades due it's warmth, wisdom and of course Mamie's cinnamon rolls at breakfast, is now going to be fully owned by Gloria Fisher (Judith Chapman), the lying, scheming, bottom feeding urchin who killed John Abbott (Jerry Douglas) just as sure as if she'd put a gun to his head!

No, she didn't actually do the deed, but her lies and schemes started poor John down a path of degradation and despair. From the moment Gloria began seeing the older man and lying about the fact that her children were town pariahs Michael and Kevin (Christian LeBlanc and Greg Rikaart), the latter of whom had tried to kill John's own granddaughter, I knew she was trouble with a capital 'T'. But sadly even when John found out about her lies he forgave her. Oh the perils of Viagra!

John also forgave Gloria for bringing Tom Fisher (Roscoe Born), her demented not-so-ex husband, into the lives of the Abbotts-most notably John's favorite daughter Ashley (Eileen Davidson) and her precious tyke Abby.  All Gloria had to do was bat those big blue eyes and sing a sad song about her past and the gentle and generous John would pat her on the bottom, er head and say "there, there!" Meanwhile he would rip his son Jack (Peter Pergman) or daughter Ashley new you-know-whats if they dared to speak out against this woman!

The Merry Wives of Abbott

Now in Gloria's defense (God that sentence was almost harder to write than filling out my Selective Service form) John Abbott had a long tradition of falling for the wrong women. His first wife Dina abandoned him with three kids to raise and actually bore her tennis pro's love child (Ashley), a fact that John went to his grave never learning. Second wife Jill was just as bad.  During their first marriage she brought disgrace and scandal to the family and Jabot by having a nasty fling with Jack. The second time around Jill made an artform out of cheating on John, with the likes of her attorney, a contractor and even Victor Newman himself. There was even early speculation that Jill's son with Billy was actually Victor's child. But even at her worst Jill Abbott has 10 times more decency, class and self respect than Gloria Fisher!

There is no way Jill would have sabatoged a Jabot skin care line out of spite. She knew how much that company meant to John, as did anyone who truly loved him. And for Gloria to knowingly damage the business John had built from the ground up and standby silently while Jack and others took the fall, made this character truly irredeemable in my opinion. Which is why it was so doggone frustrating to see her handed the show under Lynn Marie Latham's regime while Jack was written as the bad old putty tat! What son wouldn't go to any lengths  in order to protect his father's legacy and his family's birthright from a trashy, gold digging sociopath?

All I can do is hope that Jack surrendering the house to his stepmonster is only a temporary plot device. I have high hopes that now that LML has left the building, new headwriter Maria Arena Bell will give so many of the fans what we've been screaming for and that's for Gloria to get her due. It has to be revealed that her actions cost the Abbotts Jabot and led to John dying of a broken heart. Jack also has to be given the opportunity to gloat in the faces of Katherine, Nikki and Jill for their disloyalty to him and his father.

Lauren Fenmore as a sidekick???

Of all of Gloria's crimes, the most tragic has been what she has done to once enigmatic characters like Michael, Kevin and Lauren (Tracey Bregman). These formerly interesting, multi-faceted characters are now basically unwitting accomplices in her every other-the-top scheme. Here's to hoping the next storyline involving Gloria and a house ends with it landing on her.