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Actors Strike: AFTRA & SAG Split Has Bold and Beautiful Connection

Deadline Hollywood Daily's Nikki Finke is reporting that the recent split between AFTRA and SAG over the upcoming Actors Strike has a daytime connection.


In the post Finke reports that the Bold & Beautiful's Susan Flannery has been circulating a petition to " decertify AFTRA as the union representing the actors on the long-running soap" but that Flannery's petition was common knowledge and that AFTRA is blowing everything out of proportion.

We've posted a paragraph from the letter sent out by AFTRA below but be sure to visit Deadline Holly Wood Daily for the entire story and further details.

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Excerpt: "AFTRA recently became aware that leaders of SAG have involved themselves in a campaign to encourage cast members on the CBS daytime drama "The Bold and the Beautiful" to decertify AFTRA as their union. The people leading this drive apparently believe that decertifying AFTRA would further the goal of having one union for all actors. In fact, it would do the opposite. If successful, it would leave the performers on "The Bold and the Beautiful" stripped of any union representation and uncovered by any union contract. This situation is sadly not surprising given SAG Hollywood leadership's ongoing campaign of misinformation to disparage AFTRA."