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Days of Our Lives: Spoilers 3.31.08 The View From Denial Island


G’day Days fans, and welcome to this week’s spoilers tinted with the view from Denial Island.  Lot’s of comings and goings at Days right now – we just said bye to Shelle and Claire (*sniff) and this week we welcome back Nicole – with a poochie named Pookie in tow – yeah, have you heard that spoiler?  If not, it’s coming up on our screens this week – so read on!

Firstly, EJAMI ARE BACK ON!!!!!  Can you tell I’m excited?  I know there are plenty of you out there who have not missed EJ and/or Sami at all, but for me?  Days has just not been the same.  Anyhoo, this week in EJamiland, the ‘Immigration’ storyline continues; and in order to appease the Immigration gods, EJ tells Samantha that he must get a job and be able to prove that their marriage is real.  One way of doing this would be to move in with his ‘wife ‘ and ‘children’.  Guess those annulment papers are really being put on hold now – after deliberation with Blondie, EJami, the twins and the mother-in-law all move into DiMansion… hmm… I wonder what Jawn will say?  EJ tells Immigration man that he has been offered a job with Mickey’s law firm – guess that ‘law degree’ EJ suddenly has will be useful after all.  I think EJ is sneaky enough to be a lawyer, plus it might lead him into the path of a certain returning socialite with a legal problem…


Hope’s still playing split personalities with psycho-Ava, while Kayla remains clueless back at the hotel room (are they ever going to get a house Dena?); she does question Bo about Steve but then her cramps get worse, prompting Lexie the super doctor into action (now that Bo getting better, she’ll need some sort of continuing storyline).  Speaking of Bo, he just can’t take an order, can he – continuing to get out of bed and collapsing on the floor – well, he can’t say Lexie didn’t warn him.  Ava somehow comes across Max in the graveyard and hears about Grandpa Shawn – can’t imagine that will make her feel too good; nevermind though, she’s back to her tricks and offering Steve the chance to see “Kayla” when they have a nice little chit chat in her limo.  On seeing each other, Steve and 'Kayla' seem a bit unsure of each other!!  Ava tries to convince Steve that he needs to let ‘Kayla’ go, that she wants the life he promised her.  Kayla finally wises up and makes Stephanie spill the beans about what’s going on with Steve.

Kiriakis Mansion

Well, the action’s on here this week – Patient Chelsea’s recuperating, but hiding a fever.  Dr Jonas comes over for dinner and Chelsea is besotted (or is that the fever talking?).  He remembers hearing Chloe sing in Europe, prompting Victor to spoil the mood and relay the story of his Grandson Brady’s disappearance and Chloe’s possible involvement.  Cue Chloe’s tears, but really, she should know not to make a Ki-ee-yakis cross, especially not the Bossman!!  The dinner party is interrupted with a surprise dinner guest, with her Pookie in tow – it’s Paris! I mean Nicole!  Of course Victor goes to throw his scheming, murderous ex-wife out, but does she have an ace up her sleeve?  Are they still… married?   Meanwhile, Chelsea’s enamour of Dr Jonas doesn’t escape the notice of Daddy Bo, but what about Nick?  When is he going to get a clue?  This Chelsea/Dr Jonas pairing has got to stop – you know I’ll be FF’ing through the scenes where Chelsea asks Dr Jonas out on a date… and his acceptance… WHY?????  For the love of the soap gods, please give Kate the bone (no pun intended LOL).  The chemistry between those two is a hot topic being debated on the TFO forums!

Jawn and Blondie

Jawn continues his two-man dock war with the Kiriakis empire.  Good luck with that Jawn – now that you’ve got the ‘wife’ and ‘step-daughter’ who’s married to your ‘nephew’ moving in with you… you might need the reason to leave the house!  At least Blondie is still holding a weird fascination for him, and it’s interesting to watch Marlena go between disgust and pity and love for her soulmate, all in the one scene.


We find out that Nick got his grant – speaking of which, did we ever find out what the heck Max was doing ripping pages out of Nick’s application??  Oh well, it hasn’t seemed to matter, or maybe that storyline was just too obscure for the Days masses and it’s been mercifully dropped by the wayside (one can only hope).  Stephanie is making a habit of visiting Max at the docks – look away Stax haters, a kiss is what you’ll be getting out of this visit.

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Coming Up Next Week:

  • EJ puts his newfound law degree into use by accepting Nicole’s legal case
  • Steve and ‘Kayla’ escape, but not for long
  • Lots of Anna and Tony, Jawn and Blondie, and EJ and Samantha scenes (yay!)

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