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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations Mar 31.08


I truly, truly hate the Maxie versus Lulu story already. I hate that Carly’s so insecure that she thinks Jax talking to Kate means he’s going to stray. I hated that she got all “your money is our money” in terms of making Jax do as she wanted. Maritally, his money is their money, but business wise, I don’t think so. Whatever money Jax has amassed in the bazillion years that he’s been a corporate raider and his other investements, has squat do with Carly. I hate that Jax caved and didn’t tell Carly to mind her own beeswax. I hate that Kate didn’t remind Carly that her precious devil spawn shot her, left her for dead, gave her an incurable heart condition and got away with it and that Carly shouldn’t be bothering her with this crap right now. I hate that Lulu supposedly took business and marketing classes in the two minutes that she went to school. And I hate that Maxie will end up getting the short end of the stick, in favour of the Shrieking One.

However, I did love that Lulu had no clue and got a handful of verbal smackdowns from Kate because of it. It won’t last, because I’m sure Carly 2.0 will end up on top and Maxie will be tossed aside from the one job that she’s truly qualified for, but for now, I’m getting my kicks in where I can.

Ric/AZ; Loved these two actors in this scene. Anthony might be crazy but he’s shrewd and Ric knows exactly how to play him.

I love Scrubs and I love Robin, but I hate that her pregnancy is being written so completely stereotypical. Poor girl is having every symptom in the book from all day morning sickness, to wacky crying hijinx, to eating every food in sight. Now, I never experienced such degrees of intensity in my pregnancy, and maybe others have, but geez, their making her way too wacky that it’s scary. I did like that Patrick seems to be sticking around.

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Line of the day:

Patrick to Robin: “You’re crying over a teddy bear, what’s not to love?”

Jerry/Alexis: She finally addresses his past transgressions and his answer is “you can’t unring a bell”. Well no, but she can certainly high tail it away from you. And sorry, but that kiss did nothing for me. In fact, I was hoping she’d knee him in the family jewels when he was done.

Spinelli is the worst PI in the history of PIs!!! Although I did laugh when Jax found him under the bench. All three actors looked like they were trying to keep a straight face, especially when Spin took off over the veranda and Jax said something like “is there something wrong with the driveway?”