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Hollywood Reporter Handicaps Daytime Emmy Awards


The Daytime Emmy Award nominations will be announced on  April 30th on The View and The Hollywood Reporter is handicapping the Best Drama race. We've posted an excerpt but for a complete analysis of this year's Daytime Emmy Awards be sure to check out the article.

"In a category that hasn't been dominated by any one soap for the past several years, this season's competition might very well be a measure of which show made the most noise in 2007. Seventy-one-year-old CBS soap opera "Guiding Light," last season's outstanding drama series winner (tied with CBS' "The Young and the Restless"), recently made headlines when the show announced it would deploy handheld cameras in a bid to attract a younger audience. But several soaps have been making overtures toward the CW demo -- with varying degrees of success -- for the better part of last year. ABC's "All My Children" has used handheld cameras for some time, and has experimented with characters directly addressing the camera and pop-song-laden montages to close out episodes. "I can't really tell whose got the momentum this time," Stanton says. "A couple of shows that do just OK in the ratings have told me they've got some really strong material to submit this year. It's anyone's guess who'll make the cut." ABC's "General Hospital" hit ratings highs last February with its multiweek hostage-crisis story line. The show also spun off into the weekly primetime series "General Hospital: Night Shift" on SoapNet. And having seen the monster draw of Disney's breakthrough made-for-TV "High School Musical," ABC's "One Life to Live" staged the four-day event "Prom Night: The Musical," giving the soap its best female teen demos in months."

Which show should win Best Drama?


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