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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations April 1.08

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Robin/Liz: I get why it was done, but it didn’t make a lot of sense. All Liz had to do was go down to her locker for a minute, so why not take the kids with her? Or, take them to daycare and then go back to her locker? Why did she dump the kids on Robin only? Plus, as much as the kid who plays Cameron is absolutely adorable and I did get a laugh that he was just sort of running around in circles, I just don’t believe that he would misbehave like that with a stranger. I did get a laugh out of this though…..

Robin: “Epiphany can you help?”

Pif: “You need to learn how to handle that”

Robin: “Well, it’s not like I’m going to give birth to two full grown children.”

Wow, did Carly actually acknowledge that the coffee business is just a front and that Sonny’s violence is not good for the kids? Of course, she then lost brownie points with me, when she got all snarky that Jax had the nerve to have a business meeting with a business colleague during business hours. How dare he. And I found it interesting that during her scene with Claudia, she clearly did not come out on top in that one. Claudia had the upper hand through-out and had the parting shot.

Line of the day:

Claudia to Carly: “Oh your jealous because I slept with your ex-husband”

Why do I think that will bother Carly way more than it bothered Kate.

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Monica: I liked her scene with Liz. It was a nice reminder that they had Emily in common and it was a sweet scene. As for the courtroom stuff, I had to agree with the judge. It’s all nice that she wants to get help now for her grief, but why didn’t she do it sooner. And, she’s not the only one with grief issues. I didn’t agree with Nik standing up and speechifying that her loss is so great that she should be given a pass on her sentence. It’s like he was saying, since Emily had rainbows and puppy dogs fly out of her butt and the world is clearly at a loss without her, than it’s ok that Sam lay bleeding in the street.

Claudia/Johnny: Is it just me or did anyone else hear the absolute fear and terror in Claudia’s voice at the mere mention that Crazy Daddy might be let out of the hospital? There has got to be something in that background that we don’t know yet.

Oh look, Lulu quit, on her second day on the job. I’m shocked, shocked I tell ya. Also, who wears jeans to work when they’re working for a fashion icon?

Wasn’t happy that Maxie’s suddenly making mistakes. And really, she doesn’t know where Paris is, but she wants to be in fashion so badly? That, I totally didn’t buy, nor did I buy her calling Spinelli to come over and help her. You know, you can google Paris and find out where it is, just as quickly.

I liked the Johnny/Luke scene, up until the Shrieker arrived. I especially loved how Alice got all up in Johnny’s face and he just had that grin on his face. The boy is not ugly when he smiles.