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Rumor: Opal A Victim Of A Desperate All My Children's Ratings Stunt?!

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All My Children seems to be getting desperate for ratings! More rumors are circulating that All My Children is going to tap into General Hospital's arsenal of cheap Sweeps ratings grabbers with a couple of exploding houses courtesy of a diabolical Robert Gardener. Also plans are on killing off a few of their core characters too! One such character RUMORED to be blown up is Opal Cortlant during May Sweeps.

Now this would serve as a big ratings grabber for the show based on the fact that Opal is a core character...the biological mother of Tad Martin and best friend of Erica Kane. And it would prove how nasty & evil Robert Gardener is as a villain in comparison to Opal's former husband Ray Gardener (Tad's abusive bio dad). But how could a soap do that to a character that's been on the show since 1981? Well I guess it isn't much of a shock considering Opal hardly gets any good air time anymore and current portrayer (since 1989) Jill Larson has been put on recurring status since June 2006. Would anyone really miss Opal? I sure would!

What are you're thoughts on this rumored expenditure from All My Children?

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