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BREAKING NEWS: Writers Guild Files Cases Against ABC Daytime and Corday Productions


Dena Higley might want to wait before putting up pictures in her new office at Days of Our Lives. The Writers Guild of America East has filed arbitration cases against ABC and Corday Productions for allegedly violating strike-termination agreements during the Writers Strike. 

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"The strike-termination agreement does not allow the retention of replacement writers in lieu of allowing striking writers to return to their jobs. ABC and Corday Productions are clearly violating this agreement," said Senior Counsel for the WGA East Ira Cure in a statement released to the media. "They have left us no other option but to file arbitrations to ensure that our members will be afforded their rights outlined under this agreement."  

As previously reported, Days of Our Lives fired Hogan Sheffer and his entire writing team following the end of the strike. Sheffer was replaced by former One Life to Live headwriter Higley, who had previously written for Days on and off for two decades.

Long term head writing team James Harmon Brown and Barbara Esensten have been sharing the top writing slot at All My Children since June 2007. During the Writers Strike Brown and Esensten went to financial core status with the guild which allowed them to write the soap and retain guild membership due to a reported financial hardship. Former AMC headwriter Megan McTavish took the writers to task in the press for this turn of events.

"These are not youngsters struggling to make mortgage payments or fee their children," said McTavish. "Their sole intent now seems to be piling up more money for themselves."

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