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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations April 2.08

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Non Sonny/Jason day. Woohoo!!

My Carly hate grew by leaps and bounds today. First Carly walks into Kate’s without knocking, like she owns the place, demanding to see Lulu. Then she immediately assumes that Spinelli and Maxie are conspiring against Lulu and demands to know what they’re up to. Here’s a thought, maybe they are busy working, and it has nothing to do with The Shrieker? Then she threatens Maxie’s job, which she has no business doing since she doesn’t work for or with Kate and her husband is only an investor. Loved that Maxie held her own and gave it back to her.

Line of the day:

Carly: “One word from me to Jax and Kate will fire you.”

Maxie: “You might be able to tell Jax what to do, but Jax trusts Kate and Kate trusts me.”

Speaking of Spixie, loving them again today. Loved Maxie’s “This isn’t about me, wait, did I just say that?” Loved that things were clarified from yesterday and that she does in fact know where Paris is, but happened to send the package to Hong Kong by mistake. Loved that they were working together to fix the problem. Hated that after Carly left Spin was all “You have to promise to be nice to Lulu,” seeing as Spinelli and Lulu haven’t really shared a scene or story since Spixie started. Loved that Maxie promised but that she had her fingers crossed behind her back. That’s my girl!!

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Loved all the Scrubs stuff. There were moments of wacky pregnancy hijinx, but overall they were pretty decent and it was a sweet date. Not sure what Patrick was wearing though. Seemed a bit much for a date, but the boy’s not ugly to look at so I’ll let it pass.

How can Johnny invest in the Haunted Star? I thought Nikolas co-owed it already? I’m confused by that whole thing, but I did enjoy the Johnny/Luke scene before the Smug Shrieker showed up.

Carly/Claudia: Not really sure who won that round. Carly got a couple of good shots in but then Claudia got some good ones in too. I guess technically Carly won since Claudia did in fact leave the premises.

Has Micheal apologized to Kate for shooting her? Has Carly?

Good Sam/Monica scene. I liked that Sam was honest enough to admit that if anyone else had been the one to hit her(i.e. Liz) she wouldn’t have been as forgiving. And I liked the Monica/Tracy/Edward scene, however brief.