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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops 04.02.08

Hello Everyone!  I'm back from vacation and finally caught up on my General Hospital viewing.

Here's the Scoop!

We'll start with Michael as I know this is what everyone wants to know about and information is hitting the   mags.  We know Sonny wants to spend more time with Mini Mobster and show him that there is a legitimate business happening at Sonnybucks and we also know that Claudia has a hit out on Port Charles' Godfather.  From what the SPOILERS are saying, Claudia's hit goes off when Michael joins Dad at work.  It's not Jerry pulling the trigger, it should be Ian and he's not that great of an assasin as SPOILERS have him shooting Michael in the head.  Michael is rushed into surgery and he makes it through but Patrick has bad news for Carly, Michael is most likely not waking up from this coma.  Carly tells Sonny she doesn't want him anywhere near Michael or Morgan.  There is a RUMOR that Kate and Jax are left looking from the outside in as their respective partners deal with the tragedy.  Is Sonny to worried about protecting Kate and not his son when Michael is shot?


What about Michael and his portrayer Dylan Cash?  I'm not 100% sure but all the SPOILERS point to him leaving General Hospital.  Most likely Michael will be sent offscreen to a facility. RUMORS say Michael is sent to a facility that Dr. Devlin reccomends.  At some point, I would assume the character wakes from his coma and comes back to Port Charles as RUMORS have Michael being aged.  

What about Sonny, Carly, Jax and Kate?  Each couple will have their struggles related to this.  There are RUMORS that Kate and Jax get very close while working on the new magazine.  Maurice Benard's contract is up this summer and RUMORS have had him exiting GH.  We all know that TPTB see Carly and Sonny as one of their SuperCouples so I would not rule out a reunion. 

How is Jason affected?  Well it looks like he'll have a lot of guilt to contend with as he is once again not there when tragedy strikes.  Sonny will take most of his anger out on Jason.  How will my favorite couple Liason be affected?  Most likely, Jason will push Elizabeth away in the name of safety but I'm hoping for a surprise twist that has Jason realizing life is far too short to be away from the ones you love. SPOILERS have Jason pushing her and the boys away but the following week should make Liason fans happy.  Lucky chimes in and tells Elizabeth that Michael's shooting has made him realize that she needs to stay away from Jason to keep her boys safe.  He'll understand even more why she lied in the first place. 

Dr. Devlin.... will he be held accountable?  SPOILERS say that both Claudia and Johnny are shocked at the hit gone wrong and feeling extremely guilty about their role in it.  We all know it will become Jason's mission to find out who shot his nephew.  But it may not be Jason that is hot on Ian's heels.  As we all know, Finola Hughes is on her way back to General Hospital as Anna Devane.  It may not be her new status as Grandma-to-be that has her returning though.  Anna may have the inside track on the drugs being moved through GH.  Of course she's there to see her daughter but SPOILERS say its not her only reason and its actually a pretty good cover for the international spy. 


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Scrubs!  Personally, I am tired of the constant fighting and same old conversation about Robin's pregnancy.  I was very happy to see Patrick himself say he's over it as well.  Good news for Scrubs fans though, they will be admitting that they are still very much in love with one another.  SPOILERS still have a few proposals happening but there are RUMORS out there that Jason Thompson could be leaving.  His contract is up soon.  Would GH recast or will Robin, Patrick and Baby all leave Port Chuck together?  Kim McCullough's contract should also be ending soon.  

More RUMORS that Rick Hearst could be exiting the show. Some SPOILERS have him dying in a May Sweeps event.  Personally, I hope this is not true as Rick Hearst is an amazing actor.  What about the Trevor dies SPOILERS?  Well those have been around since Trevor hit Port Charles but his character adds an interesting dynamic to the whole mob scene.  Trevor will be looking over his shoulder alot as he seems to be on everyone's hit list. 

Is there a new Core Four?  There is lots of online speculation that Guza's new foursome is Jason, Liz, Robin and Patrick.  Is this a good sign?  I would like to think so as the whole focus can't be mob related.  We'll see more and more of Robin and Elizabeth's friendship developing and more of both Jason and Patrick deciding what kind of fathers they want to be.  Slight contradiction to the bit above?  Maybe the new status as half of the Core Four would intice J.T. and K. Mc. to stay. 

A few more....

Jason and Monica scenes.  He'll go see his mother and they'll talk about Michael.  He may even tell her about Jake. 

Spinelli helps Maxie.  He'll be the one that gets her the job as Maxie beats out Lulu for assistant #1. 

Luke accepts Johnny's offer.  Tracey says NO WAY.  RUMORS have the May Sweeps event focusing on the re-opening of the Haunted Star and the sweeps stunt sinking the ship. 

Nadine hurts her ankle.  She'll argue with Nikolas and walk away and then promptly twist her ankle.  Speaking of Nikolas...  When Emily is gone from his mind, aka Natalia Livingston's departure, he'll be dependent on Ian's drugs.  I've mentioned before that Nadine starts to suspect something is up with Dr. Devlin.  Look for her to question GH's newest doc. 

Rememeber, Jerry knows who shot Michael and he wants Devlin to pay. Jerry also promises Alexis that he will protect her and her girls.

Kate is who tells Carly Michael has been shot.  That scene between Robin and Michael had a purpose.  Carly tells Robin to fix her baby, the same little boy Robin once helped raise.