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Daytime Confidential #222: CBS & DAYS Heap of Trouble

On today's show Mike, Jay and Luke discuss Days of Our Lives rumors including the possible arrivals of Alexa Havins and Roscoe Born. Jay's thoughts on Tamara Braun's Ava and what is going on between Max and Nick?


As always, the topic of Gloria vs. Genoa City is a hot topic and we're wondering who TPTB might pair Felicia up with. Could it be Brad or Nick or do Jamey and Mike have other possibilities in mind?

As the World Turns' is selling off the Snyder farm but we're more worried about where the Walsh mansion and Lily's mansion are. Could this be a blatant plot point to bring Mike back into the picture? Julie Pinson joins As the World Turns but it doesn't look like it will be as Molly and we're a bit bummed.

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The Bold and Beautiful's Susan Flannery finds herself smack dab in the middle of an AFTRA/SAG battle over the potential Actors Strike and our predictions of what is going to happen in the fast developing Pheobe/Rick/Taylor triangle. Also, why is it that almost every character on the show is acting as if they are in heat?

It's been a few weeks and Guiding Light's new filming format is beginning to reveal the flaws in the system. We love the out door scenes but the indoor scenes need some improvement. Gus bit the dust in a motorcycle accident and we discuss Olivia receiving his heart and much, much more.

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