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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations April 3.08

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Carly seriously needs to stop yapping because she just makes my head explode. Carly, your son shot a woman in the heart, the FREAKIN HEART, and left her for dead, if that same woman wants the entire 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th floors of ‘your’ hotel, give it to her. I cannot believe the wanking she was doing about this. Is she not supposed to be a businesswoman? Wouldn’t charging rent on an entire floor bring more money in than that floor being used once in a while for patrons? And no, I don’t think Jax working means he’s punishing you for having a miscarriage, I think it just means that he’s working. You know, something you need to be doing rather than messing in Kate and Maxie’s lives.

So, so far, Micheal’s punishment for shooting a woman in the heart and leaving her for dead, was being allowed to go to the arcade with Morgan (thanks Dad) and having a video game taken away from him (thanks Mom). And he was still snarky to Carly about it. Yeah, he’s learned his lesson.

Kate/Micheal: What annoyed me most was Micheal’s insistence that he’s sorry he shot her and that the gun went off. And Kate’s all, ‘yeah crap happens’. But my bigger problem isn’t that the gun went off when he tried to throw it away, but that he had it in the first place and that he left her to bleed to death while he ran away. Nobody addresses the whole, leaving her to die, aspect of it, and that bothers me more than anything else.

Also, knowing what I know will happen tomorrow at the warehouse (don’t want to spoil it for anyone who’s not in the know), can I just say that I’m pissed that Kate was the one who suggested that Micheal be there. Because that’s just one more thing that Carly will be screeching at Kate about and there’s only so much of that I can take.

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Claudia/Luke: Now there’s the Luke we all know and love. In my opinion, Claudia did not win that one. And as much as she likes to throw her weight around and basically threaten everyone who breathes around her, I was surprised that she thought she could win one over on Luke. Granted, Luke’s now eleventy hundred years old, but Claudia should have done her research and found out that Mr Spencer is not necessarily someone you want on your bad side. The man has not lived to the ripe old age of eleventy hundred without a skeleton or two his closet, literally.

Claudia/Johnny: Why is it that every scene they’re in, I’m fully expecting then to throw off their clothes and go at it?!! Maybe it’s because that house is always so dark so you get that weird romantic vibe, but they have such weird chemistry, all the time. Ironically, Johnny and Lulu seem to have anti-chemistry, which we all saw in the preview for tomorrow where she shrieked at him at the top of her lungs than grabbed his face and apparently swallowed it whole. Can't wait to see that play out.