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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops 04.03.08

Here's the Scoop!

Kate is with Sonny and Michael when the shooting occurs.  Instead of protecting his son, Sonny covers Kate and Michael takes the bullet.  How will Carly react to this when she learns that Kate took priority over Michael?  Not well.  This should be when Carly tells Sonny to leave.  Sonny's guilt will be overwhelming.  Will it send him into a manic mess?  Those problems for Skate I mentioned yesterday...this is why.  


Everyone calling Carly's mothering skills out, (yes I mean you Danielle) you're not alone.  Carly will be questioning herself and throws Sonny out of their lives.  It's still causing problems for Carly and Jax as his blame for all that's been happening shifts from Sonny to Carly.  Don't fret CarJax fans, he doesn't abandon her while her kid is in a coma. SPOILERS say Jax is pretty broken up over Michael's condition. 

Also broken up, Jason of course.  Not only will he be dealing with Sonny but he'll have his own guilt to contend with.  Bobbie makes an appearance during her grandson's crisis.  Bobbie and Jason are worried about Carly as she refuses to accept Michael's prognosis.  Jason wants revenge on whoever did this to Michael and Elizabeth is worried about Jason and the lenghts he'll go to.  Remember, he's still recovering from surgery on his hands. 

There are some RUMORS out there that Robin gets pretty affected by Michael's condition.  Like I mentioned yesterday, the ER scenes after the Cannery explosion were a plot point for how affected she will be after the shooting.  SPOILERS have Patrick comforting her on the docks.  Patrick himself feels pretty awful as he is the one who tells Carly her son will most likely never regain consciousness. 

Ian's worried... and he should be.  He's scared that the shooting will be linked back to him and that Sonny will seek revenge.  At first, Claudia is the main suspect but she has an alibi.  Jerry knows who shot Michael and he's going after Ian. 

Claudia and Ric?  Remember those OLD RUMORS of a hook up?  SPOILERS have them sharing scenes about ZaCrazy.  Claudia wants Ric to forget about her dear old dad.  There are SPOILERS of a possible pairing for these two now that Marianna is off the canvas.  

LuSam Fans, I promised I'd dig up something... As for Lucky and Sam the only thing I've seen so far is that he'll play into the s/l involving Sam, Ian and Nikolas.  There's some angst for them as Lucky has serious doubts where Ian is concerned and Sam is really tired of Lucky's need to be involved in Elizabeth's life.  

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Kelly Monaco leaving is just a RUMOR, for now. Yes, everytime her contract comes up there is the "will she stay or will she go" talk and the last two times she has stayed. She does get a pretty good contract out of Fron's and in fairness to KeMo, she rarely uses the vacation time and "outs" she has been granted. But as is typical with Guza, when he thinks she's leaving or it appears to him that she has one foot out the door, he stops writing for her or writes Sam so IF she leaves, its already in the works. 

A few more...

Jason and Liz agree to stick together no matter what or until Michael gets shot.  He backs off and she's not having it.  Liason fans expect them to be apart after the shooting but Elizabeth is fighting for her man. There should be some scenes at the Safe House and at Elizabeth's.

Claudia sees what she and Jason have in common.  Their devotion to the ones they love.   

Tracey wants the Zacchara's out of the Haunted Star.  SPOILERS have her offering to buy Claudia out. 

After twisting her ankle, SPOILERS have Nikolas telling Nadine she can stay at Wyndamere. 

Johnny and Lulu... are they hitting the sheets again?  And what about Logan?  He's out of his coma so what's next for Scott Baldwin's son?  Not sure although there are some SPOILERS about him and Ric.  Remember we never learned the truth about Logan's dismissal from the military and Ric knows what really happened.  Ric is on a mission to take down his pops, will Logan be helping him?

There is some discussion in the forums about the aging of Michael.  One would assume that IF Michael is re-cast and aged, the rest of Sonny's brood would also be aging.  There are some RUMORS popping up that Morgan, Kristina and Molly will all be aged this summer.