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General Hospital: More Spoilers & Scoops!


It's Friday, I'm looking forward to the weekend so why not some more SPOILERS! And look how generous I'm being, More Sam!

More on Sam and Ian and those pesky RUMORS...  Something defintely happens between these two.  When Sam feels a little put off by Lucky and his Liz obsession, Sam may find Dr. Devlin looking more appealing.  There are RUMORS of a kiss between these two.  More importantly lets talk about the marriage SPOILER.  Like I said, something does happen when Sam sees Ian not playing the role of the good doc.  Will they be forced into marriage?  Does her concern for her cousin Nikolas play a part?  One thing about this RUMOR... if Sam and Ian do marry, that means they can not be related so one of them is not a Cassadine. Let's assume, those RUMORS of Ian being a Cassadine are false, why is he so interested in the Cassadine Clan?  Specifically, why Nikolas? Ian wants to control the Prince. 

One RUMOR I find interesting... Sam supposedly tells Ian that Jason is Jake's father.  This may be what FINALLY pushes Liason out of the closet.  Ian will most likely tell Claudia of the unknown weakness.  I am seeing that an enemy of Jason's finds out about Jake.  Lucky will not be happy that once again, Sam let the secret slip.

Kate's past?  What the heck happened to that storyline?  SPOILERS say its still around and the fashionista will have a slip of the tongue.  Something about her family perhaps. 

Nikolas and Emily say goodbye.  Natalia Livingston is done, soon and ghost Emily will be gone from Nikolas' mind and the show.  Nikolas is hooked on Ian's drugs and now he's without his lady love.  The Dark Prince is not going to be happy. 


Anna doesn't want to be called Grandma.  SPOILERS say the scenes are funny.  I am still seeing that her daughter's impending motherhood is not the only reason Anna returns to Port Charles.  Also, she' s only back for a handful of episodes.

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I have to give another Liason mention... SPOILERS say it'll be next friday that Jason tells Elizabeth they can't be together because of the danger.  It'll be that friday's "tag" and the following monday is when Elizabeth tells him she's sticking by him.  They continue on in secret for as long as they can and Jason will lean on Elizabeth during the whole crisis with Michael.  

Ghost Alan... he's RUMORED to be back.  One SPOILER has him with Tracey, another has him appearing to Monica.  Is that one too good to be true?

Logan, Lulu, Johnny triangle is still being talked about.  One RUMOR is that Logan starts digging into Johnny's connection to Michael's shooting.  It may be another overheard conversation that has Logan looking in Johnny's direction. 

The Haunted Star Party is getting alot of buzz.  Who goes, who doesn't and who attends together?  I'm seeing that Jason attends and there are some Liason scenes.  EARLY RUMORS had the Haunted Star being the center of the May Sweeps Stunt.  Is that still holding true?  I am now seeing some info that suggests the party will be filled with tension because of the guest list but nothing fatal occurs.  Take that with a grain of salt as filming for this starts soon and I am sure more SCOOP will be revealed.  GH has spent a good deal of money on CGI lately, I'm not sure they have enough money for another big stunt. One SPOILER has a crime happening at the Haunted Star. 


I am seeing RUMORS that have LuSam at the party together but at some point Sam leaves and Ian escorts her home.  Like I said, grain of salt. 

Ian and Claudia hit the sheets?  SPOILERS say Super Sex Barbie strikes again. Is this roll in the hay a roll on Luke's desk at the Haunted Star?

Remember those Ian has a mom RUMORS?  I'm still seeing those. 

FANFIC or SPOILER, you be the judge.  This is an interesting RUMOR that may only be fanfic but I'll let you all weigh in.  We have RUMORS of a possible Genie Francis return and a Michael re-cast when he wakes up from the coma he's not supposed to wake up from.  What if Michael is given a drug that cures him of his incurable state and he returns to Port Charles?  What if Laura Spencer is given that same drug?