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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops 04.04.08


Happy Friday! Here's the Scoop!

It's a big day on General Hospital.  The shooting of Michael Corinthos and the engagement of Jason and Elizabeth.  Let's start with the shooting.  It starts today and will be the "tag" for Monday's show.  We won't know who's been shot at the end of today (well all my faithful Spoiler freaks know!).  SPOILERS say we'll learn later from Detective Spencer that Michael was hit by a richochet bullet. 

Lucky and Detective Harper are on the case.  They figure out that Michael was not the intended victim, duh.

I mentioned Claudia being a suspect in Michael's shooting but SPOILERS have Carly being her alibi.  It looks like Claudia is once again mixing it up with Mrs. Jacks at the MetroCourt when the call comes in.  Claudia may even be helping Carly out.  What about Johnny?  Who's his alibi?  I thought it might be Lulu but RUMORS have Miss Spencer wondering if the object of her obsession could have hurt her little cousin.  Trevor encourages Johnny to lay the blame at Claudia's feet while brother and sister consider making Trevor their fall guy.

We talked about the problems CarJax will have due to Michael's condition.  What about Skate?  They're in for a bumpy ride as well.  Kate will remind Sonny that he saved her and not his son.  Kate and Mike both want to know why Sonny is not at GH with his son.  Will he tell them that Carly has banned him?

Jason's determined to find who did this to Michael and his grasshopper is not far behind.  SPOILERS have Spinelli asking for the Wounded Blonde One's assistance. 

For my fellow Liason Lovers... today's the day that Jason is SPOILED to pop the question.  He'll tell Elizabeth he wants to be a family with her and the boys and the pair agree to stick together no matter what.  Jason gets a call about the shooting and their celebration is put on hold.  Elizabeth is in the OR with Michael and she imagines little Cameron in his place on the operating table.   Jason tells Elizabeth he can't take the risk with her or the boy's lives and walks away.  Have no fear, it only last about a week as SPOILERS have Elizabeth telling Jason they said no matter what and she's not goign anywhere. 

Jason and Robin fans... they share some scenes and memories of the times they cared for baby Michael, together. 


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Leyla?  Where the heck has she been?  Nurse Mir is popping up in my SPOILER hunts.  It looks like she mixes it up with Nikolas who hits the pills after their incounter.  It looks like she'll have some screentime with Dr. Devlin and Cassius too.  RUMORS have had Nurse Leyla not being around General Hospital much longer.

Nik not happy with his drug pushing doc?  That's a SPOILER out there.  Nikolas is mad that despite the medication, he's seeing less of Emily.  

I mentioned Claudia wanting Ric to leave her dad out of his plans.  Well SPOILERS have Ric being a big part of ZaCrazy making it out of his padded cell.  Ric wants Anthony's dirt on Trevor as part of his revenge on his father.  We all know how well Ric's revenge plans work, just as well as Carly's schemes. 

RUMORS have Lucky and Sam finding out about Elizabeth and Jason's engagement.  I mentioned that Sam is tired of Lucky's involvement with Elizabeth and she'll start to feel that all she'll ever be to Lucky is a rebound.  Is Ian telling Lucky he's interested in Sam?  Is all one big plan to get closer to Nikolas?  There are RUMORS of a Sam and Ian hook up but I am also seeing that Sam is onto Dr. Devlin.  I am still seeing SPOILERS that the illegal drugs storyline goes on for awhile and that Sam, Lucky, Nikolas and Ian are all involved. 


Jerry wants Ian to pay for hurting his brother's family.  Ian knows Jerry's other weak spot, Alexis.  Remember those old SPOILERS of Ian threatening Alexis?  Well he'll make some threats against Alexis and she'll want to take the girls and go.  Ric is supportive of Alexis' idea to flea Port Chuck but Jerry tells her they'll be safer if they stay put.  Are Jerry and Claudia teaming up against Jerry or will super sex barbie side up with the Doc?  Claudia should be trying to keep some space between herself and the shooter but Ian wants her to fulfill her promise of helping him take down Sonny so he can move his drugs.  Will Jerry have a tough time getting out of this one?  He's the one that gave Ian the gun.  Will Alexis step up when Jerry is accussed of shooting Michael?

A Few More...

Jason and mother and son kiss and make-up?

Haunted Star... re-opens late April.  Will it go BOOM?  That's still a RUMOR out there.

Claudia and Nikolas?  Talking about Robin and her baby?

Ian and Sam... there have been some rumblings of a marriage for these two.  These are just RUMORS for right now but IF this occurs its not out of love.  Online rumblings say Guza returned with a six month outline and the Cassadines played a big role in that outline.  Especially Nikolas, Ian, Sam and the drugs.