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Young and the Restless: Josh Morrow To Share "Secret Talents"


Magazine publisher with roving eye and daddy issues by day, reality show star by night? That could be how people will be describing Young and the Restless hunk Josh Morrow (Nick) following the premiere of Secret Talents of the Stars a new CBS reailty show premiering April 8 at 10 pm ET. 

According to CBS, Secret Talents is a tournament-structured series where celebs will compete to determine who has the best unknown talent. Each performer on the series will spend time practicing their secret talents before performing live in front of a panel of judges. Viewers will also get a chance to vote for the fave celebrity at home. According to TV Guide, Morrow's secret talent will combine "edgy rock and roll" with...juggling. Well, he does have all that experience keeping Sharon and Phyllis suspended in mid air!

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