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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations April 4.08

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Claudia has gone to so much trouble to set up this hit, making sure that Ian can’t be traced to her, making sure that Johnny doesn’t know any details, making sure she, Johnny and Jerry all have alibis, and yet I have to wonder why she hasn’t set up Trevor to take the fall. That would totally kill two birds with one stone, getting Trevor off their backs. It just seems like a little loose end for me.

Jax/Carly: I understand that they wrote it the way that they did, having Kate pick up Micheal to bring to the warehouse and then CarJax fighting and Jax going to Houston by himself in order for Carly to have someone to blame, but I find it terribly out of character that Kate would send Jax in her place for something this important. They could have accomplished the same thing, by saying that Kate can’t fly right now because of her heart condition and it would still have gotten Jax out of the picture and Kate at the warehouse. A little sloppy writing there.

Speaking of Jax, I love when he gets his cojones back when talking with Carly. I didn’t get that Carly was disappointed about missing dinner with Jax because of business, so much as who he was doing business for.

Line of the day:

Jax to Carly: "I love you, but don’t give me ultimatums. I don’t like them and it give you no way out."

Of course poor Jax will eat those words when he finds out what happened while he was gone.

Kate/Micheal: Am I the only one who thought Mickey was being a huge pain in the butt with her? He should be on his knees begging her forgiveness, yet he’s getting all snarky with her. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree here.

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Robin/Liz: I like that these two have each other to confide in, but I always hate the "Jason is the bestest father that never fathered" line that always comes up. Jason is not good father material and won’t be until he gives up what he does for a living.

Liz was also annoying me when she showed up to Jason’s all, ‘I done you wrong’ crap, claiming that the best thing parents can do is give their kids love. Well, I’m a firm believer that keeping those kids safe is the best thing a parent can do, but then again, my baby daddy isn’t a hitman.

Lulu STOP YELLING AT EVERYONE. Even the scenes with Luke, she was several shades louder than she needed to be. And then the yelling at Johnny just made me wonder what on earth he sees in that Shreiking shrew.

Could Ian have been any slower on that trigger? Geez, there were about 9 times where he could have pulled the trigger, but didn’t, waiting just long enough for something to come into his shot. And then when does pull the trigger, he misses his target by a mile. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, never hire an oncologist/plastic surgeon to shoot your local gummy bear mobster, even if he has a ginormous gun that he has trouble maneouvering.

I’m actually looking forward to Monday’s episode, just to see Claudia’s head explode when she finds out how badly the whole thing went.