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General Hospital: Which Junior Fashionista Will Come Out On Top?

Battle of the Blondes


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Kudos to General Hospital for finally remembering that in Maxie vs. Lulu they have potentially the best soap rivalry since Days of Our Lives Carrie vs. Sami. As enthralling as CGI cliffhangers (or should that be bridge hangers?) and preteens shot through head can be,  sometimes all you need is a good pair of bitchy arch rivals trying to out scheme one another for a soap storyline to work.

The good thing about Lulu and Maxie is that neither girl is a saint. Lulu sped up the end of Maxie's late beloved sister Georgie's marriage by banging her husband Dillon on the boathouse floor. While Maxie helped derail Lulu's big brother Lucky's first union to Liz and plied him with drugs. If that wasn't bad enough Maxie later schemed with Logan to get Lulu into bed and then did the horizontal how-you-doin with the blundering Baldwin herself. So each girl had plenty of reasons to hate one another going into their oh-so-chic rivalry as new hires at Kate Howard's upstart fashion magazine. But the question remains, at the end of the day, which blonde will come out on top?