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Young and the Restless: Jack's Moving, Michael's Preaching, Jill's Suspecting And Lily's Whining

It looks like TPTB at Young and the Restless are finally listening to what a lot of the fans have been saying about Norma Desmond, I mean Gloria Fisher. It was wonderful this week watching Michael, Kevin, Lauren and especially Jack call this woman on what a selfish drama queen she is.

A House Is Not A Home

I have to say I am glad to see Jack and Sharon decide to give up the house and the ghost and move forward with their lives. Don't misunderstand me, I can't wait for the day that the Abbotts triumphantly return to boot that viper out on her leopard clad bottom, but it's good to see Jack decide to stop sullying himself and his young family in this ridiculous feud with Gloria and her merry band of carpetbaggers and con men.


As heartbreaking as it was to watch the last true Abbott say goodbye to that house, maybe now Jack can focus on his life with Sharon and Noah (which I am becoming more of a fan of by the day) and who knows, even have a chance to call one of his own sons Keemo or Kyle? Our BFF Nelson Branco, as well as Luke are loving Gloria and her parade of lookalike lovers but it inspires my gag reflex much like bad pork.

Michael Baldwin AKA Genoa City's Moral Compass


And could someone please tell me where Michael Baldwin gets off preaching to or scolding anyone? The perve who drilled a hole in his apartment to spy on Cricket and later tried to rape her is now righteously indignant over Jack and Sharon hiring an actor to play Great Abbott's Ghost? Isn't there and old saying about how people who have been forgiven much should be more forgiving? Get down off the cross Michael, someone needs the wood.

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It’s good to see Katherine and Jill getting some play on The Gloria Fisher Hour, especially since Jill smells blood in the water. Oh Soap Gods PUH LEASE let Jill discover that Gloria tampered with the Jabot product line, then she and Kay can team up with Jack to stone Gloria in the courtyard of the Athletic Club.

That's the only way I will ever be able to tolerate this character, if she is made to pay for her crimes. I also want to see Michael disbarred for his knowledge of her stunts and then Jack should buy Crimson Lights and Fenmores right out from under Kevin and Lauren for their respective enabling parts in all of it. Okay, I'm wishing again.

I Guess Zapato Wasn't Companion Enough

Riddle me this: What was the point of killing of Signey Coleman's brilliantly drawn Hope Adams Newman if they were simply going to regurgitate the exact same storyline with Victor and Sabrina? Substitute Kansas and Hope's farm with Los Angeles and some fancy schmancy art museum and you have the exact same storyline. Let me guess, that tall drink of water Sabrina will end up knocked up with yet another Newman heir? Oh wait, no, Victor got snipped and Ashley used up all his sperm deposits to make little Abby.


As for Victor's other genetic code bearer, Adam, he is definitely growing on me. His scenes with Victor are endearing and he has managed to bring back the bite in Victoria, which is a blessing in and of itself. If I heard her giggle or coo at Jeffrey Todd or their child just once more I was going to chunk my remote at the TV. I am also enjoying his flirting with Phyllis and (gasp) Nikki! I guess the little man wants to prove he's as much man as his dad and big brother. I say anything that keeps Phyllis from discussing potty training techniques with Lauren I am all for.

As Lily Winters Whines

Let's hear it for Chloe for telling that whiny, wimpy little mess Lily how the cow ate the cabbage! She was dead on in her summation of Lily to Nikki and Lujack, er David. You don't diss a major photog who discovered Tyra Banks! You ask them how long till you get your own reality show where you get to pick America’s Next Airbrushed Coat Hanger!

Lily is a spoiled, naggy, bratty, little piece of milquetoast and I for one see why Daniel was driven to pornography. I know the character will be revealed to be pregnant this week, but unless she's been gestating for at least the last year and a half, it doesn't excuse her behavior. And who the heck is she to order Amber out of the Chancellor manse? Someone please rescue Cane from this little girl pronto! I am convinced someone switched Dru and Malcolm’s baby at birth. Maybe the real daughter will come to town played by Davetta Sherwood? Snort. Giggle. Coo.


All in all Young and the Restless seems to be slowly improving, but there are still miles to go before TPTB can sleep if they want this show to even begin to resemble its former glory. The sad thing is, Y&R really isn't even all that bad, but it was so good for so long that it was basically daytime's saving grace. While the rest of the soaps were cloning divas, revealing a town's worth of serial killing victims to be alive and/or unaborting children, we could always count on Y&R to give us good old-fashioned soapy drama. Then one day it was all over. John was dead, Ash, Colleen and Dru were gone...well, Colleen's still there but...anyway we all know the sad tale. Here's hoping it won't be long until Genoa City starts to feel like home again.