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Bold and the Beautiful: The Tramp Calling The Kettle Brooke


Oh say it ain't so! Tell me I didn't see my beloved Ashley Abbott screeching about how "sick" my darling, misunderstood Brooke Logan is for having slept her way through the Forrester dynasty. Okay, so she's right, but then what does Ashley think about her own past familial bed hopping? Has she forgotten marrying her sister Traci's ex-husband Brad Carlton on Young and the Restless? How about stealing her stepdaughter Victoria's husband Cole? And those are just her Genoa City examples!


Since moving to the City of Angels and Incest our gal Ash has dated stepbrothers Rick and Ridge Forrester, so who is she to pass judgement on Brooke? Perfume maker heal, er spray thy self!

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One thing I will say about Brooke and Ashley's blonde bitchery, is that it so reminds me of Ashley's classic battles with Nikki Newman on Y&R. Which of course just increases my desire to see Ash return home on the first Red Eye to Genoa City to help Jackie launch his new web zine and finally get the goods on their nasty stepmonster Gloria. Oh well, I've written and talked about enough this week!


The Taylor/Rick/Phoebe insta triangle heated up this week, with Phoebe suddenly re-discovering her feelings for Rick, who is so horny for her mom you can practically see him salivating for Doc in each and every campy scene. It's nice to see Taylor so flabbergasted by her hormones for once. Now she finally knows how it is to be on fire every second of the day like poor Brooke. Brooke can't help being such a sensual passion princess, its who she is. Paging Thomas Forrester!