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Days of our Lives: Spoilers 4.07.08 - the View from Denial Island

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G’day Days fans and welcome to this week’s edition of Days of our Lives spoilers: the View from Denial Island.  Jumping right in today…

The Ava Storyline (Ava, Steve, Kayla, Hope, Bo and maybe a bit of Angelo)

This has obviously taken over as the major storyline on Days, as this week isn’t really about anything else.  The real Kayla finally speaks to Steve on his phone; unfortunately for her, she rings while he’s with PsychoAva.  Steve is forced to be vague when answering her questions before abruptly hanging up on her so Ava doesn’t grab the phone – leaving Kayla more worried than before.  While Steve and Hope try and find a way out of Ava’s clutches, Bo and Kayla seemingly have a competition to see who can defy hospital orders of ‘bed rest only’ the most, both wanting to go find/save their respective spouses.  Good thing Dr Lexie is living at the hospital these days (does she ever go home?), she soon puts a stop to their escape shenanigans.   Bed rest or else, she orders!  Meanwhile, Steve and Hope actually do manage to escape, but not very far – they are re-captured by Ava’s goons… I mean cousins (LOL).  Bo enlists Victor’s help in gathering information about Ava’s family, but he aint gonna like what he hears – Victor tells us what we already know, the Vitale’s are psychos, not to mention dangerous… are they the new DiMera’s?  Ava spends her time organizing a sweet little dinner for her and Patch, complete with romantic slideshow – aww, it’d be cute if it wasn’t so psychotic.

The Advertising War (Anna, Tony, Kate, Stephanie, Morgan)

Lots of crossed wires between Anna and Tony this week; Tony comforts Morgan about her home situation and in the next breath invites Kate out to dinner – this is all recorded on camera that Anna, of course, just happens to see.  On the other hand, Anna and Stephanie discuss Anna’s feelings for Tony through the guise of a ’10 Ways to Get your Man Back’ article, and forgetting the recording camera in her office, Anna tells all – of course, Tony sees this.  The end result is that when Tony is at Chez Rouge, waiting for Kate, he gets to witness Anna fawn over Jawn, who is there with Marlena… Jawn is not interested of course, and with Tony there to witness every detail, it’s really not shaping up to be a good week for Anna.


Here’s something interesting, after refusing to try and remember his past, Jawn back tracks and askes Marlena to hypnotize him so that he might get some of his ‘John’ memories back.  Unfortunately for him, and thousands of Jarlena fans, it’s just not going to happen (anytime soon anyway).  Instead, Jawn asks Marlena if she can learn to love him as he is now – he’s even willing to let her mould him into something like the man he used to be.  This of course, is probably all said with the current sardonic wit of Jawn that we’ve come to know and love.  To his credit, he doesn’t give up on Marlena, taking her to Chez Rouge (where they run into Anna), and with some dancing (and almost kissing) on the menu, manages to unsettle her to the point where she leaves.  Could Marlena be falling for Jawn?  Is that technically cheating on John?  Could a soap be any more soapish?? LOL!

EJami and… Nicole (!)

More dinners out at Chez Rouge this week (has EJ actually started working yet to afford dinner at this joint?) and hopefully more great EJami scenes – don’t know about anyone else, but I LOVED last week’s EJami stuff, it was gold.  Anyhoo, Sami’s doing her normal ‘I like you but I’m scared’ routine, blowing hot and cold to her current husband before finally admitting that she’s missing her previous husband, jailbait Lucas.  This somehow leads on to a discussion about whether or not EJ has forgiven him for shooting him in the back at their wedding – which EJ says he has.  I for one would prefer them to spend time discussing their own issues and not talking about Lucas, but hey, if you’re going to re-introduce Lucas’ character for May sweeps (which is what I’m hearing), we’re going to have to start hearing his name now I guess.

LOL Sami and Nicole cross paths this week also… YAY!  Sami’s not impressed to see her old nemesis permanently back in town, and she’s even less impressed when EJ agrees to take Nicole’s case in the divorce against Victor.  Hmm… whatcha worried about Sami?  Is the green-eyed monster about to rear its blonde Brady head?  I sure hope so!

In other, shorter stories:

I think Daniel finally meets Chelsea’s boyfriend Nick – he asks Nick to look after Chelsea, but not sure he’ll do such a great job, since she’s currently hiding her developing fever from them all.

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DivaChloe calls her knight in shining armour Philip when consulate officials come to take her away in connection with Brady’s disappearance.  Philip smells a rat, aka Nicole, thinking she must have had something to do with it.  

DockRatMax is overworking himself, prompting Stephanie to do something about it.  This is in amongst her worrying about her parents (how does she find the time?).


Just about everyone seems to be on canvas this week.

Coming Up Next Week:

  • Marlena leaving town?
  • the real story behind Patch and Ava comes out
  • Nicole begins seducing Jawn (well, he's rich, has amnesia and is unattached... it was only a matter of time LOL)

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