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Days Of Our Lives: Where Now For Max Brady?

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Max Brady came from a broken family together with his brother Frankie, and when they both arrived in Salem, Caroline and Grandpa Shawn were quick to adopt the pair and take them in as their own. Even though Frankie's historical roots laying with the Von Leuschner "dynasty", Max's earlier time in Salem was somewhat a "silent affair". Max was deep into a world of silence who seemed tortured by his past and longed to be loved. For Max Brady now in Salem, he's become a hit with many of Salem's women, but where do we see Max Brady's character heading? My take on Max would be to see the writers of Days re-write history again and turn back the clock to take Max back to his childhood days where he suffered to cope with the pressures of a broken family. I think Max Brady is now due for a personal crisis, and this could be it! In these scenes, Max continues to remain quiet and unable to deal with any form of communication with Steve & Kayla. Steve uses some strategical tactics to finally break through to Max and get him to break his silence and finally talk again.

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